We understand your business challenges

Online gaming operators, casinos and betting outfits are faced with new challenges ranging from the increased need for ID verification in virtual situations, to meeting regulatory compliance mandates and ensuring a seamless customer experience to keep up with the competition.

We help you make our secure, world-class identity verification a convenient, hassle-free part of your screening and onboarding processes. Leaving you free to focus on your day-to-day business.

Benefits of fast, easy and secure identity verification

Keesing’s scalable identity verification solutions can be tailored to your industry’s requirements and your specific business needs. Our solutions allow you to:

  • Verify players’ age and ID on-the-go
  • Streamline and strenghten the onboarding processes
  • Meet AML and KYC regulations
  • Grow your business with higher conversion rates
  • Combat fraud and money-laundering

Our solutions

Remote identity verification

  • Selfie-based identity verification, including biometric checks
  • Extensive ID document verification with global ID coverage
  • Enhanced efficiency and user experience (UX)
  • Compliance with AML and KYC regulations

Face-to-face identity verification

  • Professional identity verification on-site
  • Facial recognition and PEP & Sanction lists screening options
  • Real-time results, including audit trail for each ID check
  • Regulatory compliance (AML, KYC, GDPR)

Documentchecker ID document databases

  • Comprehensive ID reference information to help verify documents
  • Global ID document coverage
  • North American ID documents module
  • HD images and descriptions of IDs and security features

The game is on(line)

Financial forecasts predict increased growth globally as online gaming grows beyond a niche market and into a mainstream pastime. With customers moving towards digital services and using mobile devices for gaming, remote identity verification solutions are needed.

AuthentiScan has built-in biometric checks and compliance measures to guarantee security for both you and your customers. It offers your players an easy, quick and reliable ID verification process which may boost your onboarding numbers. Our software can seamlessly be integrated with your existing platform and branding.

Remote, online identity verification

Seamless integration

Capture ID document

Liveness detection

ID document check

Face match

Expert Helpdesk (optional)

ID check OK

Report / Audit trail

Know-Your-Player best practices

There are generally three levels of performing customer identity checks. The level you choose depends on the (daily) volume of customers to be processed, the resources you are willing to allocate for this, and the expected business growth.

Why choose Keesing for Gaming

We are uniquely positioned to help businesses overcome the challenges that the digital transformation brings.

Leading-edge technologies

The perfect blend of our expert and trusted ID document verification with proven biometric identity proofing technologies.

Global ID document coverage

Access to the world’s most comprehensive database of international ID documents.

Hassle-free onboarding

A seamless user experience through secure and convenient identity verification at onboarding.

No-nonsense, modern solutions

Plug-and-play solutions with real-time results and selfie-based ID checks.

Regulatory compliance

Compliant with GDPR, AML and KYC directives without getting in the way of your customer’s experience.

Secure business

Combat identity fraud, spoofing and potential risk in one step. Risk-screening and mitigation options.

Competitive advantage

Increase business revenue and conversion rates. Identify new players and safely onboard them on-the-go, at any time or place.


Volume-management for large ID batches in one step, to avoid processing backlogs and deal with peaks in service.

Expert support

Support from Keesing’s Expert Helpdesk

Global clientele

More than 6,500 global businesses and organisations rely on our trusted identity verification.

Like what you see?

Our identity verification solutions can be tailored to meet your company’s needs. Simply get in touch to discuss identity verification options and various integration approaches.

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End-to-end identity verification

Extensive ID document verification combined with biometric identity proofing

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Global ID coverage

Based on the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database

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Expert Helpdesk

Support from experienced Doc-3-certified document experts

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Technology that builds on unparalleled know-how and expertise

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