Innovation is at the heart of our business

We believe that it’s important to invest in continuous development and new technologies to ensure that our solutions are always at the top of the game, empowering you to beat even the most sophisticated fraud threats. Our research and development team works around the clock to improve and develop new technologies that allow us to offer you state-of-the-art, trusted identity verification solutions.

On top of developments and trends

By staying in close contact with you, our customers as well as document issuing agencies, producers and regulators, we know exactly what is going on in the industry and understand your specific needs. We stay in-the-know by:

  • Closely engaging with our customers and their customers
  • Working closely with issuing agencies, industry associations and regulators
  • Partnering with world-class industry players
  • Investigating fraud cases and techniques (ID Academy and training)
  • Participating in industry conferences
  • Constantly expanding and maintaining our global network

Accurate and reliable technologies

Keesing’s identity verification is well-known for its accuracy and reliability. Our solutions are based on leading technologies and partnerships with reputable third-party technology providers for best-in-class solutions.

Document and image capture

Accurate document and image capturing processes for a seamless user experience.

Biometric identity proofing

Cutting-edge biometric checks to verify a user’s real-world identity.

ID document verification

Extensive verification of passports, ID cards, driving licenses, residence permits, visas and other IDs.

Optical character recognition

Accurate and high-precision data extraction for enhanced efficiency.

PEP and sanction lists screening

Manage risks and achieve business compliance.

Identity verification software

Remote identity verification

Verify an individual’s real-world identity on-the-go with our end-to-end identity verification, combining our trusted ID document verification technology with biometric identity proofing.

Face-to-face identity verification

Streamline operations and improve security onsite with on-the-spot and real-time identity verification integrated into your existing operating environment.

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