Legitimate or counterfeit?

Keesing has been tracking counterfeit banknotes since 1911 through its accurate and innovative customer solutions. We compile and continuously update our database in cooperation with the European Central Bank and other reputable financial institutions.

Today Documentchecker Banknotes provides:

A world-class collection
6,000+ banknotes from more than 200 countries make our database the most complete collection available!

HD images and viewing tools
Thousands of HD images of banknotes and their security features that you can examine up close from every angle.

A team of experts
Our experts work hard so you don’t have to. They collect, analyse, scan and describe banknotes for your viewing.

Easy and efficient user experience

Documentchecker Banknotes is a user-friendly solution for today’s busy customer.
You and your staff can expect:

  • Your staff will be using it with ease within 24 hours after setup
  • Our database is always accessible online. Just log on and go!
  • Simple navigation and location of documents of interest
  • Fast and efficient method for finding and comparing banknotes
  • Option to sign up for our bi-monthly banknote alerts
  • Translations available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Banknote Alert: Stay up-to-date on counterfeit currency

Our Documentchecker Banknote Alert module keeps you apprised of new counterfeit banknotes in circulation. Keesing has been tracking counterfeit notes since 1911. Today, we keep our customers up-to-date with alerts, sent out every two months via the Banknote Alert Module.

Banknote Alerts

Prepare your organisation to catch counterfeit currency with Documentchecker Banknote Alert.

Counterfeit news

Counterfeit banknotes (EUR, GBP, USD and CAD) recently spotted around the world.

See it, believe it

Front and back images of both genuine and corresponding counterfeit notes.

Expert analysis

From printing techniques to security features, our experts cover it all.

Who uses our banknotes database?

Might our database benefit your business? Our satisfied subscribers include:

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Money exchange offices
  • Airports and border control
  • Government agencies
  • Security and law enforcement
  • Retail and gaming

Other Documentchecker modules

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International ID documents

Unparalelled ID database with 6,000+ IDs from 200+ countries

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Documentchecker Guide

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Custom databases

Mix-and-match the expert content of our online solutions to meet your needs

Experience the convenience!

Request a free trial, and you and your staff will soon discover how easy it is to compare currency presented to you against our database of official banknotes.

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