The Keesing ID Academy was founded in 2014 as a unique source of information that draws on nearly a century of practical experience. Now, the Knowledge and Education Centre provides valuable in-depth information and training on the design and development of ID documents, verification techniques and technologies, and spoofing techniques.

Stay ahead of forgers! They are becoming better in replicating original ID documents. Be well-prepared! Train your employees to detect any irregularities that point out forgeries.

Global knowledge sharing

The Keesing ID Academy is staffed by highly experienced Doc-3-certified document experts and trainers. We keep up with the latest developments in document security and anti-counterfeiting technologies and share our knowledge with customers through workshops, e-courses, articles, lectures and the Keesing Platform. Topics within the centre’s scope of knowledge include ID documents, document verification, design and development, testing, security features, printing techniques and fraud-prevention tactics.

Our deeply engrained knowledge is shared with businesses and organisations in over 120 countries around the world, including government institutions, security printers, temporary employment agencies, insurance companies, banks, telecom providers, e-commerce businesses and airlines.

Keesing Platform

Keesing Platform is an industry-wide knowledge portal bursting with news reports, in-depth articles and fascinating editorials. Keesing Platform is for and by users in various fields, including security documents and printing, banknotes, identity management, biometrics, blockchain, crypto technology and digital onboarding.

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End-to-end identity verification

Extensive ID document verification combined with biometric identity proofing

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Global ID coverage

Based on the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database

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Expert Helpdesk

Support from experienced Doc-3-certified document experts

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Technology that builds on unparalleled know-how and expertise

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Keesing is registered as an ISO 9001 and 27001-certified company