Genuine or counterfeit?

Check ID documents presented to you against the most extensive international ID reference database available.
We cover the bases with passports, ID cards, residence permits, visas and driving licenses.

Encompassing a world of IDs

Over 6,500 ID documents issued by more than 200 governments and organisations.

Our content is trustworthy

Documents come directly from issuing agencies, so you can trust their accuracy.

A user-friendly interface

With no special training, you will quickly learn how to determine if an ID is genuine.

We keep content current

Our experts continuously obtain and inspect new ID documents and add them to our collection.

We speak your language

Translations in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

Professional support from experts

Our Expert Helpdesk, supported by document experts, is always available to help.

DocumentChecker: a closer look

You can trust DocumentChecker International ID Documents, from the global leader in identity verification and fraud prevention. Our in-depth content and innovative features include:

  • Full-color HD images of IDs, including front and back sides and UV scans
  • 70,000 images, including security features like holograms and microprint
  • Machine-readable zone (MRZ) decoder for cross-checking ID information
  • A zoom tool to give you a closer look at the document and its security features

How does it work?

Cross-check ID documents against information from the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database for results you can trust.

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Our document experts set us apart

Our team of document experts are respected professionals who ensure the integrity of our ID document database. They bring unparalleled value to our work:

Knowledge and experience

They have worked in government immigration agencies and fraud units focused on ID verification.

High standards

Our experts insist on the best: official sample documents, clear HD images, and accurate details.

Professional networks

Their contacts at embassies and other government agencies are happy to share documents and details with us.

Our expert helpdesk

The document experts who staff our Helpdesk are just a call or email away when you need them.

Customers count on us

Customers in many industries rely on our ID document information, including:

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Notaries
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Car rental agencies

Other Documentchecker modules

North American ID documents

The most complete collection of IDs from the U.S., Canada and Mexico

International banknotes

Compare cash in hand to our global collection of banknotes

Documentchecker Guide

Our print guide features 300+ North American IDs and is updated anually


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