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The user-friendly DocumentChecker database is an important tool to support you with manual identity verification. Determine the authenticity of passports, ID cards, visas, driving licenses, residence permits and banknotes from around the globe on the spot.

Keesing DocumentChecker Content

**It is important to note that your subscription includes access to both worldwide ID documents and banknotes.

Keesing DocumentChecker: ID documents

The world of ID documents at your fingertips. The most extensive international ID reference database available. 

Keesing DocumentChecker: Banknotes

Compare and verify banknotes — and catch counterfeits! Thousands of users worldwide find it an invaluable tool for intercepting forged notes. 

  • Banknotes from over 200 countries
  • Global coverage
  • HD images of genuine and fake banknotes
  • High-tech viewing tools
  • Built-in cooperation with the European Central Bank 
  • Continuously updated

DocumentChecker: a closer look

You can trust DocumentChecker International ID Documents, from the global leader in identity verification and fraud prevention. Our in-depth content and innovative features include:

  • Full-color HD images of IDs, including front and back sides and UV scans
  • 70,000 images, including security features like holograms and microprint
  • Machine-readable zone (MRZ) decoder for cross-checking ID information
  • A zoom tool to give you a closer look at the document and its security features

ID and banknotes verification you can trust

You can trust the content of our database, as it is compiled by our team of Doc 3-certified professionals. 

Our experts are highly qualified at recognising fraud and performing ID verification services. They maintain solid relationships with government agencies and other ID- and banknote-issuing organisations. In turn, those organisations are happy to share sample documents (and the details about them) with us. Our experts examine, analyse and scan every document you see in our database. This way, DocumentChecker is up-to-date and ready for your identity verification needs.

What makes us different

Accuracy is key

Accurate ID document verification is vital to ensure a smooth and safe user experience and protect your business from fraud. Keesing’s customers consider our solutions highly reliable and accurate.

Trusted expertise

Keesing has been providing document verification solutions since 1911. Our modern-day solutions build on our longstanding reputation for high quality, expertise and reliability.

Agency network

Our strong relationships with government organisations and reliable partners that issue ID documents and banknotes ensure the high quality, accuracy and timeliness of our database.

Expert helpdesk

All our solutions are supported by the Keesing Expert Helpdesk, staffed 24/7 by a team of Doc 3-certified professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in recognising fraud and verifying documents.

We’ve got your back

In addition to our Helpdesk support, our experts can train your employees in document verification. And we are always open to feedback about how we can further improve our products and processes.

ISO Certified

Keesing is proud to be an ISO 9001- and ISO 27001-certified company. We are committed to delivering quality and security as well as continuously improving our solutions.

Ideally suited for all businesses

When someone opens a financial account, likes to gamble, or makes a large purchase, a business needs to be 100% certain about that individual’s identity. When a business can verify the ID document is legitimate, the information on that document can be trusted. Individuals attempting to use fake, altered or forged IDs should be prevented from doing business.

Clients from a variety of industries around the world use our solutions to prevent fraud by:

  • Financial services
  • Rental
  • Access control
  • Security
  • E-commerce
  • Gaming
  • Government services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

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Together with our clients, we verify thousands of identities across the world every day. Learn more about how Keesing’s identity verification is being used in different industries to prevent fraud and streamline screening and onboarding processes.

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End-to-end identity verification

Extensive ID document verification combined with biometric identity proofing

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Global ID coverage

Based on the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database

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Expert Helpdesk

Support from experienced Doc-3-certified document experts

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Technology that builds on unparalleled know-how and expertise

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Keesing is registered as an ISO 9001 and 27001-certified company