Customer Support

This space is dedicated to share public support information and updates relating to Keesing products and services.  It is the best source of current information about product or service changes and releases. This page is also used to update customers on common security concerns or alerts, and how Keesing is responding to these.

Keesing endeavours to reach customers and users directly with new information that may effect their user experience.

The page is organized according to Keesing products and services, and according to the type of information publicly available. For each product line you will find:

  • Product status notices

These notices provide formal notification of the planned status of a product or service, and in some cases of a part or option within a product or service. When End of Life stage is reached then it will no longer be possible to use the product or service.

  • Product Release Notes

Release notes for some products may take a very technical form, addressing major and minor releases as well as bug or security fixes.

Release notes typically describe new features available in a specific version or release of a product. They also describe features or functions that are deprecated from the newer version. A deprecated function might be attributable to underlying platform changes such as OS or other software library issues such as support or security.

  • Product and Service User information

Customer and user experience is important to Keesing. In this section we provide additional documentation to assist with using our products or services. This may be user guides or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) documents.

  • Other information

Documentation and downloads available only to customers are available from a secure portal at

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Expert Helpdesk

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Keesing is registered as an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company.