Trusted identity verification on-site

ID Document Coverage

Thoroughly check ID documents against the world’s most complete ID reference database. We support verification for 6,500+ ID documents.

Innovative Face Verification

Match a person’s face with the photo on the ID document presented, using biometrics. Our face verification technology generates a highly accurate score based on a face match.

Automated Checks

Security features, template database cross-check, MRZ check, VIZ to MRZ comparison, RFID chip validation, RFID picture to VIZ photo comparison, RFID to MRZ comparison and data cross-checks.

Customer Due Diligence

Access up-to-date watchlists PEP screening and sanctions intelligence for thorough customer due diligence (CDD), financial crime prevention and risk mitigation.

Image and Data Capture

Bespoke scanning and capturing hardware — such as passport readers, office scanners, high-end web cams and mobile devices — work well with Keesing AuthentiScan.

Fast-track Registration and Onboarding

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology converts images of ID document data into machine-encoded text for easy data-entry and enrolment into your business systems.

Accuracy for Efficiency

Our technologies have been developed to be as accurate and user-friendly as possible to boost efficiency and security and speed up business transactions in both online and offline settings.

Compliance and Reporting

Fully compliant with AML legislation and KYC directives. AuthentiScan generates a detailed audit trail for each ID check and offers various options for management reporting.

Secure Data Handling

Storage of ID document data, images and verification reports in a secure database. Data collected by AuthentiScan is securely processed according to GDPR guidelines.

Handling Exceptions

Internal or external helpdesk functionality for handling exceptions. Our Expert Helpdesk is at your disposal for support and conclusive ID checks.

Top-level ID document verification

At Keesing, we strongly believe that thorough and extensive ID document verification is a crucial component of any reliable identity verification and proofing process. Only through rigorous and accurate document verification identity fraud can be detected and prevented.

AuthentiScan offers broad-based ID document verification based on analysing document security features based on the document images captured via a passport scanner. ID documents are cross-checked with our template database trained on official ID documents only. So it reliably identifies fake documents from the real ones. Our global ID document coverage and unique ID reference and template databases allow top-level verification of ID documents from over 200 countries.

Depending on the level of ID document verification you choose with AuthentiScan, our checks include:

  • Check on security features: (presence, location and correct pattern of optical security features, biometrical features, background pattern matching).
  • MRZ check: compares Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) data to corresponding Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) data and verifies MRZ checksums.
  • RFID chip validation and authentication: Checks integrity of RFID chip, RFID data vs VIZ, RFID picture vs VIZ photo, RFID vs MRZ.
  • Matching document presenter’s selfie/picture to the photo on the ID document.
  • Data cross-reference checks on name, DOB and expiration date, date of issue and issuing authority.

Eliminate uncertainty, improve efficiency, reduce risks of manipulation, and provide a verified root-of-trust in onboarding processes.


Biometric identity proofing to protect your business from impersonation fraud and spoof attempts.

Data Extraction

Accurate OCR technology for capturing, converting, and processing ID document data.

Due Diligence

Manage risks and achieve business compliance with watchlist screening technology.

Data Handling

Data collected by AuthentiScan is securely stored and processed according to GDPR guidelines.

Expert Helpdesk

Certified document experts at your disposal for consultation, conclusive ID checks, training and support.

Keesing’s Face Verification technology is powered by leading biometrics provider Mobai and is seamlessly integrated in AuthentiScan’s identity verification process. Learn more about the technology and integration or get in touch with our Tech Team.

How does it work?

Seamless Integration

Capture ID Document

ID Document Check

Face Verification

Expert Helpdesk (optional)

PEP/Santion Lists Screening (optional)

ID Check OK

Report / Audit Trail

  1. Our face-to-face identity verification can be seamlessly integrated in your organisation’s operating environment.
  2. Bespoke scanning and capturing hardware — such as passport readers — work well with AuthentiScan. User-friendly document image capture technology ensures accurate document classification and data collection that supports thorough comparison and verification of the ID document.
  3. High-end technologies enable multiple automated checks of the ID document to take place to confirm its authenticity.
  4. To verify whether the document presenter is its legitimate owner, a picture of a person’s face is taken and matched to the ID photo.
  5. Handle exceptions via your own internal helpdesk functionality or get access to Keesing’s Expert Helpdesk for support and conclusive ID checks.
  6. Minimize risks and make customer due diligence and screening an integrated part of the process.
  7. AuthentiScan generates a real-time result and a detailed audit trail for each ID check. It offers various options for management reporting and data processing.

Verify identities on-the-spot quickly and reliably

  • End-to-end solution for identity verification on-site
  • Top-level ID document verification
  • Biometric identity proofing using Face Verification
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Screening against international PEP and Sanction lists
  • Audit trail of ID document and face verification results
  • Expert Helpdesk and/or internal helpdesk functionality
  • Detailed management reporting options
  • Secure data handling and hosting in EU datacentres
  • Compliance with AML and KYC regulations
  • Increased trust, enhanced efficiency and a great user experience

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What makes our technology different

Global ID Coverage

Keesing’s ID verification is uniquely based on the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database.


AuthentiScan’s extremely accurate image-capturing process ensures a smooth customer experience.

Expert helpdesk

Our Doc 3-certified professionals master super skills and are highly experienced in recognising fraud and checking IDs.

Accuracy is key

AuthentiScan provides you with high accuracy scores for data extraction and face verification.


Keesing is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified company. We are committed to delivering excellence in quality and security.

Trusted expertise

We have been in business as an ID verification solution provider since 1911. Our technologies build on unrivalled industry expertise and know-how.

We have you covered

We continually support you as you utilize our product. Our helpdesk is at your service for any ID verification questions or technical issues you may have.


We have a no-nonsense approach to fraud and are committed to providing the best solution tailored to your needs.