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As a global leader in identity verification technology, Keesing Technologies takes great pride in not only providing the very best solutions to our customers, but also in continuously sharing our knowledge in an effort to help fight fraud. Learn more and read about our latest insights in the Keesing blog.

AML Compliance Gold Exchange Keesing

AML Compliance for Gold Exchange

In this blog, we will explore the Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) compliance for gold exchange, examining its importance, and the ongoing global challenges in combating illicit activities.  

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Driver's license barcode scanner KeesingApp

KeesingApp’s Barcode Scanner for North American Driver’s License & ID

Discover the new KeesingApp’s Barcode Scanner for North American Driver’s License & ID 

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Vietnam Biometric Verification Regulation

Vietnam’s New Regulation on Biometric Verification for Banks

Explore Vietnam’s new biometric verification regulation for banks. Learn about its impact, challenges, and solutions to ensure compliance and secure digital transactions.

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iGaming identity verification minors

Minors’ Safety First: Compliance Tips for Responsible Organizations

Discover effective strategies to ensure minors’ safety in the iGaming industry through robust identity verification. Learn how to stay compliant with regulations and protect vulnerable youth from online gambling.

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OVD Optical Variable Device

The Keesing OVD

The special Keesing Optical Variable Device (OVD) featured design with characteristics of The Netherlands and various security features.

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Identity Verification API

Enhancing Remote Identity Verification with API

In this blog, we will look at the concept, steps, and benefits of identity verification APIs, specifically Keesing’s AuthentiScan.

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AI Fraud Prevention Detection

How AI Prevents and Detects Fraud

Learn about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) prevents and detects fraud, especially in financial industries. 

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Gaming Identity Verification Onboarding

Streamlined and Secure Onboarding in Online Gaming

Learn the challenges in online gaming businesses and how reliable identity verification can streamline and secure onboarding,

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Customer Due DIligence, CDD

Levels of Due Diligence: From Simplified to Enhanced

Learn the three levels of due diligence and their use case, purpose, process, and examples. A free infographic is available to download.

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