Accuracy and speed are key for a seamless user experience

Offering the most accurate and reliable identity verification solution was one of our objectives when developing AuthentiScan. Accuracy is important for both businesses and their users/customers. Many businesses deal with high dropout rates when onboarding customers remotely. Cumbersome image capturing processes can take too long to correctly capture an ID document or take a selfie picture. For establishing a fast and seamless user-experience, accuracy is key – even at the first step of onboarding: identity verification.

Keesing document image capture

Our document capture technology provides the ability and feature set to automate the process of scanning ID documents or uploading scans/copies of ID documents. The advanced document classification and data collection process allows thorough comparison and verification of the ID document and its key security features.

Bespoke scanning and capturing hardware, passport readers, office scanners and mobile devices all work well with AuthentiScan. Our real-time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology converts images of printed text on the document into machine-encoded text for easy digital data-entry and enrolment into your business systems.

Our technologies have been developed to be as accurate and user-friendly as possible to add efficiency and security to the identity verification (and digital onboarding) process and speed up business transactions.

Scanning and capturing devices

Depending on the AuthentiScan solution, the document image can be captured by a simple mobile phone or with a professional passport reader.

  • Passport reader: captures images of the ID document in a range of light conditions: white light, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Mobile phone/app or computer with scanner/webcam: captures images or scans/uploads of images of the ID document in white light (normal daylight) only

Mobile phone/app or
computer with scanner/webcam
(Remote identity verification)

Non-face-to-face / low-risk scenarios
White light images allow verification of many security features of the ID document, including data cross-checks. In situations where no face-to-face interaction is possible or with lower risk levels, using a mobile device to capture white light images for ID document verification is possible. To ensure good image quality to be able to perform the necessary checks, we recommend using our ‘Document Image Capture’ SDK (available for Android, iOS and Web).

The process of capturing the ID document images with a mobile device can be less straightforward for the end user due to the need to ensure:

  • the document must be fully visible in the picture
  • there should be no glare
  • both sides of double-sided documents need to be captured.

With our accurate image capture technology (SDK) the customer is clearly guided through this process, ensuring the images are of the right quality and in the right format for a seamless verification process.

For customers who prefer to guide the image capture process themselves, we allow the function of directly feeding the images captured via AuthentiScan and provide guidance on what we expect the quality and format to be.

Accuracy Scores
Keesing offers you assurance in providing you with the highest accuracy scores for data extraction (up to 98.6 percent) and facial comparison (up to 82 percent).

Passport reader
(Face-to-face identity verification)

Face-to-face / high-risk scenarios
By using images in multiple lights (when using a passport reader), AuthentiScan can verify the ID document more thoroughly, checking more of the document’s security features. Therefore, we recommend using a passport reader to capture the ID document images in higher-risk scenarios and areas where face-to-face contact is possible (e.g., border security, access control).

Capturing the ID document images with a passport scanner is a quick and easy process that requires a minimum amount of training for the scanner operator.

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