Genuine or Counterfeit?

Check ID documents against our comprehensive database of the most common driver’s licenses, ID cards, and other IDs issued in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Detailed Images of IDs
Images of IDs are clear and in full color, including front and back sides and UV scans.

Locators and Tech Tools
We pinpoint up to 20 security features per ID. See more with our zoom-and-scan tool!

REAL ID and Digital Driver License Statuses

Updates on the REAL ID status and Digital driver license status of each state and territory.

Intuitive, User-friendly
From the start you’ll quickly and confidently cross-check IDs’ design, security features and more.

Count on DocumentChecker

DocumentChecker North American IDs is a resource you can trust, from the global leader in identity verification and fraud prevention. Protect your organisation—and your customers—with our up-to-date ID reference information. We provide:

  • 2,400+ North American IDs—the most complete collection available!
  • ID samples we obtain directly from the agencies that issue them.
  • The most current content, with our database updated every two weeks.
  • Access to our Expert Helpdesk, where document experts are ready to assist you.

Customers Who Count on Us

Customers in many industries rely on our ID document information, including:

Banks and other financial institutions

Government agencies


Law enforcement

Car rental agencies

DocumentChecker in Print

DocumentChecker Guide is a resource you can trust, from the global leader in ID verification and fraud prevention. Protect your business or agency—and your customers—with this reliable reference guide. Benefits include:

  • The most complete coverage of North American IDs in print
  • Our experts obtain ID samples and information from the issuing agencies
  • Images of REAL ID cards, with state-specific REAL ID updates posted online
  • Portable and convenient to keep at your desk or door, or under a counter
  • Affordable, with quantity discounts available
  • We offer options such as customized covers with your company logo

Other Documentchecker modules

International ID documents

Unparalelled ID database with 6,000+ IDs from 200+ countries

International banknotes

Compare cash in hand to our global collection of banknotes

Documentchecker Guide

Our print guide features 300+ North American IDs and is updated anually


Mix-and-match the expert content of our online solutions to meet your needs

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Based on the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database

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