Combat identity theft at the source

Keesing’s Face Verification technology is powered by leading biometric solutions provider Mobai. The biometric check is designed to eliminate errors, enhance security, and add trust to the identity verification process.

The secure process provides a proof of identity, a check to be certain that the person presenting the ID is its legitimate owner. It provides a means of validating the integrity of the data at the time of collection, allowing for a higher degree of confidence in the validity of the claimed identity and protecting your business from impersonation fraud and spoof attempts. Using biometrics for identity proofing and adding it to the identity verification process enables your business to combat identity theft at the source by ensuring the integrity of data at the time of registration.

Keesing’s Face Verification technology

Using face verification technology, you can verify an individual’s real-world identity.

Why use Face Verification?

Eliminate human errors. Manual verification of identity is prone to errors. Variations in ageing, haircut , beard/moustache, make-up  and ethnicity influence the certainty of identity verification when comparing a person’s face  with a passport photo. Studies have documented error-rates as high as 30% for manual verification of identity. Manual operators report that it is difficult/demanding to claim a false verification due to this uncertainty and that tools to assist the identity verification are wanted/needed.

Trusted Identity verification is a need. Accurate identity verification is a core function in secure customer onboarding processes. It is essential that the identity verification is of the highest quality, and that operator’s uncertainties and doubts can be efficiently resolved. Improved identity verification is required in the updated regulatory frameworks in e.g. the banking sector and for anti-money laundering regulations.

What does Face Verification do?

The face verification application provides proof of identity and documentation of the results.  The application runs on Windows laptops together with the Keesing Authentiscan application and seamlessly integrates face capture and biometric face verification to the Keesing Authentiscan user sequence.

The benefits:  Mobai face verification eliminates uncertainty, improves efficiency, reduces risks of manipulation, and provides a verified root-of-trust in onboarding processes.

NIST tested

NIST tested

Mobai’s Face Verification algorithms are NIST tested and ranges among the best performing face verification algorithms on NIST FRVT, the world leading benchmark of face recognition systems. The technology is a combination of classical biometrics technology and advanced machine learning.


Developed with a global audience in mind, the Face Verification is built to encompass global diversity and has been optimised to perform perfectly with faces of any ethnic origin. It is also fully capable of verifying faces with glasses and headscarves without compromising accuracy. Mobai’s Face Verification eliminates uncertainty, improves efficiency, reduces risks of manipulation, and provides a verified root-of-trust in onboarding processes.

Seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Mobai Face Verification consists of a Windows desktop application and a Mobai service cloud. The client application communicates locally with external peripherals (camera and Keesing Authentiscan document scanner). The client application communicates with Mobai and Keesing Authentiscan cloud service over a secure TLS channel.

Single Sign On (SSO) is configurable and allows fine grained control for who in the organization can use the application.


The client app package is signed by Mobai using a certificate issued by DigiCert and enables authenticity and integrity checks of the application.

Service on BaseFarm private cloud

The Face Verification service on BaseFarm is compliant with GDPR and Schrems-II.

Basefarm provides a secure and highly resilient managed cloud service including:

  • 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • physical datacentre security
  • segmented and secured network architecture
  • proactive detection of security breaches and incidents
  • vulnerability and patch management of infrastructure and applications
  • security compliance services
  • traceability and documentation in audit and forensics processes


Basefarm is certified for ISO 90001/ISO27001/ISO 14001, and with ISAE3402 and SOC2 attestation reports. More information on Basefarm.

Mobai Face Verification for Keesing AuthentiScan architecture

Benefits of using Face Verification

  • Eliminate uncertainty and reduce risks of manipulation and human errors
  • Proof of presence of document owner and a verified root-of-trust in onboarding
  • Audit trail of facial verification in reports
  • Works with low-cost web cameras
  • Easy to implement
  • Secure user access by authorised personnel only
  • Central server in highly secure operating environment
  • Secure communication between client and cloud

Minimise errors, maximise security

Verify identities on-the-spot quickly and reliably. AuthentiScan offers results (and identities) you can trust.

For more information about the integration of AuthentiScan and Face Verification technology contact our Technical Helpdesk. Our Tech Team is available to assist you in case of any technical issues.

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