The role of sample IDs

Specimen ID documents

A specimen (sample) document shows fictitious personal details but contains the same security features as its real-world counterpart.

Credible sources

We obtain authentic specimen documents from government agencies, issuing authorities, embassies and consulates around the world.

Keeping it current

As new ID documents are released, we obtain official samples from their issuing agencies and update Documentchecker accordingly.

Share your samples with us

Submit your authentic document specimen(s) and join the fight against ID document fraud! We make the process safe, secure and easy.

Our process: steps to success

Acquiring the document

Our document experts maintain long-term relationships with ID-issuing government agencies around the world. These organisations continuously provide us with official document specimens.

Examining the document

Our experts locate and examine all the document’s security features. Our studio staff takes photographs under various light sources for further inspection.

Refining and uploading images

Once all photographs of the document are refined and digitised, the images are uploaded to our database.

Returning/storing the document

After we process the document, it is either stored in our safe or returned to the agency that provided it.

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End-to-end identity verification

Extensive ID document verification combined with biometric identity proofing

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Global ID coverage

Based on the world’s most comprehensive ID reference database

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Expert Helpdesk

Support from experienced Doc-3-certified document experts

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Technology that builds on unparalleled know-how and expertise

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Keesing is registered as an ISO 9001 and 27001-certified company