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AuthentiScan; Professional Authentication. Straight forward solution.

Keesing AuthentiScan offers professional authentication of passports, ID cards, driving licenses, visas and residence permits. It is easy to use and the system performs a number of fully automated ID checks. It generates a result in seconds, allowing you to determine whether a document is genuine or counterfeit. Whenever you need assistance or have any doubts about an ID, our qualified Helpdesk staff is available to you. Our solution is powered by Keesing Documentchecker, a database with reference material on thousands of ID documents from over 200 countries and organisations. AuthentiScan always creates an audit trail for each ID check. AuthentiScan is available in 5 versions:


Authenticate copies of ID documents

Automatically scan, authenticate and archive copies of ID documents. Can process large numbers of copies of ID documents simultaneously.

Automated MRZ check

Combines an auto-MRZ check with the ability to compare document data to information from the Documentchecker Database.

Additional checks

Right to Work check and PEP and Sanction lists screening tool.

Direct link to Keesing Expert Helpdesk

ID documents without MRZ are automatically forwarded to Expert Helpdesk.


6 Auto-checks + Documentchecker

Performs checks on the ID document. Among others an MRZ check, check on document expiry date and UV response. Allows you to perform cross checks against reference material of thousands of ID documents.

Audit trail + Helpdesk

A detailed audit report is created for each ID check. Access to Keesing Expert Helpdesk.

Used in combination with a Passport Reader

Auto-retrieval of ID document data and RFID chip. Data is stored in a secure database and can be efficiently processed (save, print, export and share).

Sanction lists screening and Right to Work check

Optional cross reference checking against PES and sanction lists and a check to verify whether a person is entitled to work in a country.


Validity check

Is the document still valid? AuthentiScan automatically checks the expiration date of the ID document.

MRZ check

Quick and easy means of verification of ID documents by checking the machine readable zone (MRZ).

VIZ to MRZ comparison

Besides the actual check on the MRZ code, AuthentiScan also compares the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) with the MRZ code.

White Light Pattern Matching

This checks the data positions in the document under normal light. Are the specific data components ( e.g. name, surname, place of birth etc. ) where they should be in the document?

Face Match

Is the person presenting the ID the real owner? Assess the extent to which a photo on the ID document matches the person’s face and identify persons effectively and accurately.

Keesing Expert Helpdesk Support

In case of doubt, you can always contact the Keesing Expert Helpdesk; staffed by a team of Doc 3 certified professionals.


Extensive ID document authentication

Authentication of ID documents, non ICAO compliant documents, driving licenses and documents with bar codes and electronic chips.

+40 Automated checks

Broad-based verification, based on +40 automated checks. It performs several checks over and above the STANDARD version.

Sanction lists screening and Right to Work check

Cross reference checking against PEP, sanction lists and (internal) blacklists. Check to verify whether a person is entitled to work in a country.

Audit trail and Expert Helpdesk

PREMIUM generates a detailed audit report. Access to Keesing Expert Helpdesk.

Experience Keesing AuthentiScan first hand!

A live or (online) demonstration is arguably the best way to discover what this solution can do for your organisation.

How can we help you?

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