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As a global leader in identity verification technology, Keesing Technologies takes great pride in not only providing the very best solutions to our customers, but also in continuously sharing our knowledge in an effort to help fight fraud. Learn more and read about our latest insights in the Keesing blog.

Behind the Scenes DocumentChecker Keesing Technologies

From Start to Finish: Inside Keesing DocumentChecker’s Banknote Adventure

This blog explores the fascinating world behind Keesing DocumentChecker.  

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CDD-KYC-Machine Learning

Transforming Customer Due Diligence: How Machine Learning Enhances Anti-Fraud Efforts

This blog explores how machine learning revolutionizes Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and KYC processes, enhancing anti-fraud efforts and compliance measures.

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Financial Regulations to Reduce Fraud Banks

Exploring Financial Regulations to Reduce Fraud for Banks

In this blog, we will explore the importance of financial regulations and how they can help reduce fraud for banks. 

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Banknotes verification

Do you have the resources to securely verify banknotes?

Dive into the crucial aspects of banknote verification, such as a technique to spot fake money, and discover how expertise and trusted resources (such as a reference database) can prevent fraud.

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Remote Identity Verification in Banking KYC

Exploring the Role of Remote Identity Verification in Banking

Banks are adopting remote identity verification, moving away from traditional methods like in-person visits to using technologies for e-KYC. These are why identity verification is important and discover how banks are doing identity verification remotely.

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Manual Checking Identity Verification Handing Out ID Card

How Does Manual ID Document Checking Work?

One of the most common methods of identity verification is manual ID document checking. In this blog, we will explore how manual ID document checking works and discuss best practices for implementing this process. 

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AI artificial intelligence data identity verification

5 Tips To Improve Your AI Model for Identity Verification

Follow us in understanding the concept and process, the presented challenges, and five tips in improving your AI for identity verification purposes. 

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KYC Know Your Customer Identity Verification

Beyond Compliance: KYC (Know Your Customer) and Identity Verification

Let’s delve into the world of KYC, and where reliable identity verification step in, as the gatekeepers of secure transaction.

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Profiling, checking passport, checking id, holding passport, id verification

Challenges in ID Checking: Is Your Frontline Staff Prepared?

A study shows that passport officers, tasked with determining whether posed ID holders match the passport photo they present, displayed a concerning 14% error rate in accepting non-matching “fraudulent” cards.

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