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Available in Documentchecker: Argentina 2,000 pesos banknote

To commemorate the development of science and medicine in Argentina, the Central Bank of Argentina issued a new 2,000 pesos banknote, making it the country’s largest denomination note.

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Available in Documentchecker: Arizona’s new Driver’s License

In a move to further combat counterfeiting and safeguard personal information, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) updated their driver’s license in March 2023.  

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Recent Developments in Banknote Security: What You Need to Know - Keesing Technologies

Recent Developments in Banknote Security: What You Need to Know

Consider this: In the European Union, 376,000 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation in 2022. Counterfeit bills can impact your profits and erode customer trust.

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Exploring ID Document Databases for Manual Identity Verification

We will introduce you to Keesing DocumentChecker, your helping hand when it comes to comprehensive ID checks.

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Ranking Passports for Visa-Free Destinations in 2023

Possessing a powerful passport can make a difference for foreign travelers in a rapidly globalizing world. In this blog, we will explore the rankings of the passports (as of October 6th, 2023).

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5 Tips in Choosing the Right Identity Verification Solution

For more than a century, Keesing has been deeply involved in identity- and banknote verification. With our extensive knowledge of identity verification, we are eager to offer valuable insights to help safeguard your business.

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Strengthening Notary Services with Reliable Identity Verification Solutions

Dive with us into the pivotal world of notaries and the critical role they play in the age of identity verification.

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Keesing’s Role in Aviation Security: Reliably Verifying Passports and Travel Documents

Explore the importance of identity verification in the aviation industry, including border control and passenger screening, and how Keesing Technologies plays a crucial role.

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Available in DocumentChecker: The Canadian Passport

The Canadian government is set to issue its highly anticipated new passport this summer. This next-generation travel document is designed to be fraud-proof, incorporating innovative security features that will further enhance the integrity and trustworthiness of the Canadian passport.

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