Meet our ID Expert!

As you know Keesing Technologies provides organisations with ID workshops. Maickel van Oijen, our senior document expert, has given dozens of workshop during his Keesing career as well as during his time working for the military police.

So tell us more about the ID Workshop!

I mostly give workshops to governments, financial companies and other international organisations. During these workshops, participants learn how to recognise and inspect security features. The course material is based on everyday situations, and contains many practical tips. I also teach you how to work with the most commonly used basic checking tools, such as a magnifier and an Ultra Violet (UV) light.

Why do they request ID workshops?

Nowadays a lot of onboarding processes are completely automated. However, a lot of companies and organisations still find the “human factor” is an important part of this process. You should also not forget that a lot of employees who actually have to handle ID documents aren’t specifically trained to do this. They often don’t feel comfortable enough to do so, and further education is required.

Another reason governments and municipalities often request a workshop is the fact that the employees who handle ID documents also need to perform a profiling check. This is something you can’t include in an automated ID verification.

So what are the biggest problem areas your students deal with?

A lot of people think they know how to check IDs, but when actually having to identify the security features we see that they lack the basic knowledge. They know how to identify a watermark, but fail to determine whether this watermark is genuine or counterfeit.

The ID workshops are for individuals or groups and are given by experienced document specialists. Interested in a quote or need more information? Go to the ID Workshop page or contact our ID trainer!