Learn how to check ID documents, recognize counterfeits and apply profiling techniques

The Keesing ID Academy has developed a practical ID workshop that teaches your employees the knowledge and skills needed to verify ID documents effectively. Our ID workshop is ideally suited to individuals or groups of employees that need to follow ID verification training simultaneously.



The ID workshop covers the following components:

  • Basic theory underlying ID documents and security features
  • Counterfeit and forged ID documents
  • Practical examples
  • Profiling techniques
  • Imposter test

The Keesing ID workshop is available in in different levels:


Beginners – Ba
ID Workshop Keesingsic theory underlying ID documents, security features, counterfeit and forged ID documents and look-a-like fraud.

Advanced – Building a profound knowledge of ID documents through in-depth training on laminates, security inks, personalization techniques and additional security features.

A-la-Carte – ID Workshop customized to your needs.

Scans and copies – Learn how to check (digital) copies of ID documents and get on-the-job training.

Keesing ID Workshop features & benefits


  • Workshop covering profiling and verification techniques
  • Basic theory covering the inspection of ID documents and security featuresId Workshop
  • Detection of counterfeit and forged ID documents (including examples of counterfeits)
  • How to use inspection tools
  • A practical course that focuses on everyday situations and offers lots of useful tips
  • Provides an excellent basis of knowledge and skills for working with ID verification solutions
  • Experienced teacher/document specialists
  • Certificate of participation

Book this ID workshop now!

To book a Keesing ID Workshop please contact the Keesing ID Academy via idacademy@keesingtechnologies.com or telephone: +31 (0)20 7157 838.


Download the Keesing ID Workshop brochure.

Michael van Gestel

Michael van Gestel

Document Expert +31 (0)20 7157 838

Michael has accumulated extensive knowledge of ID documents. He is an expert in the field of ID document authentication. For many years, he has worked in government positions at the Dutch Immigration Office and the Forgery Department at Schiphol Airport.

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