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Protecting Minors: How Identity Verification Prevents Underage Users

Concerns about the exposure of minors to adult content, gaming, and gambling have become more pronounced.

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Available in Documentchecker: Arizona’s new Driver’s License

In a move to further combat counterfeiting and safeguard personal information, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) updated their driver’s license in March 2023.  

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Available in DocumentChecker: The Canadian Passport

The Canadian government is set to issue its highly anticipated new passport this summer. This next-generation travel document is designed to be fraud-proof, incorporating innovative security features that will further enhance the integrity and trustworthiness of the Canadian passport.

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Danush passport

Available in Documentchecker: the Danish Passport

The new Danish passport was first issued in October, 2021. The National Police of Denmark awarded the contract for the country’s ePassport design, production, and personalization to Veridos and Idpeople.

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The Belgian ID card – Expected in Keesing Documentchecker

The Belgian Identity card was first issued on November 16, 2021. The new design – which now features an EU flag with the letters ‘BE’ – meets the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) 2019/1157.

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The newest Forgery-proof Austrian ID card – Now available in Keesing Documentchecker

Issued on the 2nd of August 2021, the newest edition of the Austrian ID card has several new security features incorporated in its design in order to combat counterfeits.

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German ID Card 2021 model. New in Keesing Documentchecker

The new model of the German ID card has recently been added to Documentchecker! Have a look at the new card and its hidden security features.

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Dutch ID Card 2021 model. New in Keesing Documentchecker.

The recently introduced new model of the Dutch ID card is now available in Documentchecker! Have a look at the new card and its interesting security features.

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USA 2020 Passport Series. New in Keesing Documentchecker.

The 2020 series US passport design showcases American history, culture and traditions.

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