ID Documents

Detailed information and HD images of ID documents and their security features from over 200 countries. Accurate ID reference data for professional identity document verification.

AI Fraud Prevention Detection

How AI Prevents and Detects Fraud

Learn about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) prevents and detects fraud, especially in financial industries. 

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Gaming Identity Verification Onboarding

Streamlined and Secure Onboarding in Online Gaming

Learn the challenges in online gaming businesses and how reliable identity verification can streamline and secure onboarding,

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Customer Due DIligence, CDD

Levels of Due Diligence: From Simplified to Enhanced

Learn the three levels of due diligence and their use case, purpose, process, and examples. A free infographic is available to download.

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id verification face recognition

Preventing Identity Theft by ID Verification and Face Recognition

What is identity theft and how does it happen? And how does identity verification and face recognition prevents it?

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MRZ machine readable zone

Decoding Identity Verification: MRZ Explained

The blog is about understanding the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and its essential role in identity verification processes.

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Hologram Keesing Surys

Behind the Scenes: Holograms & How Keesing Captures Them

This blog aims to explain holograms by addressing why they are essential, how they work, and how companies like Keesing capture holographic security features from document to database for reliable authentication & identity verification.

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online bank neo bank neobanks banking identity verification digital banks

The Importance of Identity Verification for Neobanks and Digital Banks

In this blog, we will talk about the importance for neobanks and digital banks to possess a robust ID verification system.

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KeesingApp database security features id verification

Sneak peek: First look at the KeesingApp

Be the first to try out the beta version of KeesingApp – your ultimate companion in manual-verification.

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crypto exchange kyc aml compliance

KYC & AML Compliance in Crypto

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations in crypto are set to be compliant and protect against fraud.

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