CICC and Keesing Technologies partner to prevent identity fraud in Caribbean region

CICC and Keesing Technologies team up and help Caribbean based businesses to achieve regulatory compliance and enhance security in order to prevent identity fraud. By adding Keesing’s trusted ID verification technology to its product suite, CICC provides extensive Know-Your-Customer checking ability for compliance, risk and access management purposes.

Amsterdam, February 19, 2020 – Caribbean Identity Compliance & Consultancy (CICC), a specialist provider of custom built Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Combatting-Terrorist- Financing (CFT) solutions, and Keesing Technologies, the leading global identity verification provider, today announced a partnership to help businesses in the Caribbean region prevent identity fraud with best-in-class AML/CFT solutions including industry-leading identity verification.

Based in Aruba and Curaçao, CICC is an independent Compliance & Consultancy firm with extensive knowledge of, and experience with, identity and risk management, AML/CFT law and regulations and compliance processes. The company provides a range of compliance, consultancy, training and identity services to the non-financial services industry and governmental sector in the Caribbean region, helping its customers to achieve regulatory compliance and prevent fraud. Jarno Sloots, Managing Partner of CICC, explains: “Our clients have to comply with AML/CFT legislation and deal with access control and risk management on a daily basis. Reliable and thorough ID verification is paramount in these processes. But they also need to streamline these processes in order to boost customer satisfaction and experience. To be able to offer our customers solutions of the highest quality meeting their demands, a partnership with one of the world’s most trusted and established providers of digital ID verification solutions is consequently a logical step for us”.

The partnership enables CICC to provide its clients with broad-based Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checking ability as part of its AML/CFT solutions offering by adding Keesing AuthentiScan. Keesing Technologies’ flagship solution offers seamless ID document verification combined with biometric checks. It enhances onboarding, screening and monitoring processes instantly as it automatically checks ID documents in real time, even remotely. The remote ID verification with AuthentiScan supports selfie-based identification including facial comparison with the photo on the ID document and a liveness detection check to ensure biological identifiers are from the proper user. Liveliness detection in particular bolsters security when identifying customers remotely.

In the final step, the ID document can be thoroughly verified against Keesing’s ID reference database including information of more than 6,000 ID documents from over 200 countries. This process provides CICC customers with extensive ID document verification of the highest standard.

By adding Keesing’s trusted ID document verification technology to its product suite, CICC now offers its clientele a complete AML/CFT solution for achieving regulatory compliance while simultaneously optimizing their customer identification processes. “We are excited to work with Keesing Technologies. By teaming up with Keesing we are better able to help our customers protect themselves against money laundering and other types of fraud”, says Jarno Sloots.

Keesing strives to provide organisations all over the world with easy access to its trusted identity verification solutions to help them prevent and combat identity fraud. Strategic partnerships enable Keesing to better serve local organisations and accelerate the introduction of trusted identity verification technology in the region. “We aim to help organisations prevent identity fraud on a global scale. The partnership with a professional —and in the region established—company such as CICC enables us to specifically reach Caribbean-based companies and expand our global market presence. I am convinced that the combined strengths and expertise of both parties will provide the Caribbean islands with an excellent, reliable KYC solution”, says Willem Langendonk, Sales Manager at Keesing Technologies.

Keesing works with various organisations around the world to help them streamline onboarding and screening processes and tackle identity fraud. Partnering with CICC is part of Keesing’s strategy to expand its global presence as a leading identity verification provider.