New in Keesing Documentchecker: The Thai 20-baht polymer banknote

The Bank of Thailand issued a new polymer 20 baht note on 24 March 2022 that has the same design and features as the paper version. 

The banknote is available in Keesing Documentchecker.

The front shows King Maha Vajiralongkorn (Rama X) in his Royal Thai Air Force uniform and the back includes images of founding father Rama I and his successor Rama II, both significant to Thai history.

In an attempt to ensure that fake polymer banknotes would be difficult to produce, advanced anti-counterfeit technologies were added to the new banknote. The note measures 138 by 72mm, and features a dummy (printed) security strip with microtext ’20 Baht’ in Latin and Thai letters. There are two transparent windows on the right-hand side (visible from both sides of the note), a feature unique to polymer. The upper window contains several small embossed numbers ’20’, while the lower window has a large gold number ’20’. The lower clear window exhibits color-shifting from translucent yellow to red.

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