Protecting Minors: How Identity Verification Prevents Underage Users

Concerns about the exposure of minors to adult content, gaming, and gambling have become more pronounced. To give you an example, over 4,2 billion people in the world have gambled at some point in their lives, some of which may be underage. Exposure to age-restricted content or activities can affect adolescents negatively. According to a medical review, harmful content can cause behavioral changes in children like risky behavior, sleeping problems, and increased anxiety. In this blog, we will talk about how you can prevent underage customers with identity verification and therefore, ensuring compliance and protecting the youth from accessing age-restricted content or activities.

To ensure that certain products or services are only accessible to individuals of a legally permissible age, businesses need to confirm the age of their users. Without a reliable method, there is a risk that individuals, including underage customers, could falsely claim to meet age requirements for playing at a casino or purchasing an age-restricted item, as some examples.

Identity verification to help determine one’s age ensures that businesses comply with these legal requirements, avoiding potential legal consequences such as fines, penalties, or even the suspension of operations. However, it is not just about ticking legal boxes. Beyond legal and reputational considerations, they are about embracing responsibility, safeguarding youth, and shaping a secure and respectful digital landscape. It reflects a commitment to ethical business practices and safeguards the well-being of young customers. This also leads to establishing confidence among customers and business partners, ultimately strengthening relationships, and positioning the business as a trustworthy player in the marketplace.

Although Keesing does not provide a stand-alone automated age verification service, when trying to see if the person presenting the ID is of legal age, we need to know the authenticity of the ID itself and if it belongs to the legitimate owner.

First, it is due to minors using fake IDs. Determining whether an ID is forged or genuine can be challenging because advancements in technology have made it easier for counterfeiters to produce fake ones. Thus, it further complicates the process of knowing whether someone is underage or not. This challenge emphasizes the importance of a trusted & robust identity verification solution.

Moreover, adolescents can also use a card lying around the house or borrow an adult’s ID to confirm their age. How can you know that the legitimate document bearer is the person on the ID document? This is where Keesing can prevent that. With Keesing’s solutions, it is a reliable way to verify ID documents and confirm a person’s genuine identity.

How does Keesing AuthentiScan help you verify customer’s ID?

AuthentiScan is an automated identity verification solution. The ID document presented is checked against our ID reference database and our technologies enable multiple automated checks of the document to take place to confirm its authenticity. If needed, a picture of a person’s face is taken and matched to the ID photo. Another feature in AuthentiScan lets you ask the document bearer’s age as an extra manual check. Within seconds, AuthentiScan then generates an accurate result.


What about checking ID documents manually?

If you prefer to verify identities manually, DocumentChecker is a comprehensive ID reference database. DocumentChecker has over 6,000 documents from over 200 countries and issuing authorities which gets continuously updated. Users can get HD images of the documents and interact with 70,000 security features. When you are confident that the document is not forged, the data within becomes trustworthy, thereby enhancing the accuracy of checking an individual’s age.

Start protecting your customers and business

With Keesing, you can help to identify your customers in a seamless way, and ensure that you are compliant, protecting the youth, and building a trustworthy and ethical brand. If you have any questions or would like a demo on how can Keesing accurately verifies ID documents, please contact us below.