A Closer Look at Keesing AuthentiScan Online 

Automated identity verification is a game-changer in the realm of security and technology. It streamlines the verification process, ensuring quick and accurate verification. At Keesing, we strongly believe that thorough and extensive ID document verification is a crucial component of any reliable identity verification and proofing process. Only through rigorous and accurate document verification can identity fraud be detected and prevented.

Keesing AuthentiScan Online is our cloud-based solution designed to enhance identity verification processes. With Keesing AuthentiScan, you can verify someone’s ID Document through a photo of an eligible ID document, such as an ID card, driver’s license, or passport. To fortify the solution’s accuracy, we added biometric identity proofing to our cutting-edge ID document verification technology. This unique formula not only gives you assurance that a checked ID is authentic, but also that the person presenting it is its real owner.

Plug & Play Solution: identity verification simplified! 

The verification process is designed to be quick and efficient, providing results within seconds of uploading the necessary documents and photos. In this blog, we will delve into the step-by-step process of identity verification using Keesing AuthentiScan Online! 

1 – Easy and Secure Access: 

Use your credentials to securely log into your AuthentiScan account.  

2 – Start the Verification Process: 

Upload the ID document that needs to be verified. The system supports both single-sided and double-sided documents, requiring one or two images accordingly.


  • Ensure that images are uploaded as jpeg or pdf format without compression.
  • The front and back images of an ID must be clear, without blurs.
  • Pixel size needs to be larger than 1.5 MB.
  • We advise to use a scanner or a high-quality (mobile) camera.


 3 – Choose to do a manual check (Optional): 

Authentiscan facilitates optional manual checks by guiding users to compare the document with a document from the Keesing DocumentChecker Database, the most complete reference database for ID documents in the world. This database provides information about thousands of ID documents, in the form of clear descriptions and images of the data page and security features of passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards and visas of 200 countries and organizations.  

Look, feel and tilt: Users are instructed to inspect the document by comparing the document with the reference images and to examine specific areas of the document where typical security features holograms and watermarks are located. This intuitive approach empowers users can confidently verify document authenticity with minimal effort and expertise, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the verification process. 

4 – Press on verify: 

The verification process takes approximately 15 seconds.

5 – Accessing results: 

Upon completion of the verification process, the customer receives all the comprehensive checks in the form of a PDF report. Keesing notifies the customer of the availability of the results through a notification containing a URL for accessing the report. 

6 – The Keesing Helpdesk:  

In event of a failed check, the Keesing Helpdesk undertakes manual verification procedures. Comprising seasoned professionals boasting extensive expertise in forensic document examination, our Document Helpdesk team is trained by former members of the Dutch Identity Fraud and Documents Centre of Expertise (ECID), supplemented by rigorous in-house training. 

Our proficient team of document experts addresses such instances on a daily basis, meticulously scrutinizing forwarded documents to ascertain their authenticity by closely inspecting security features and identifying irregularities. Subsequently, the Document Helpdesk communicates findings, affirming the document’s authenticity or raising potential doubts.  

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