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From Start to Finish: Inside Keesing DocumentChecker’s Banknote Adventure

Standing tall for more than a century, we truly know everything there is to know about banknotes and ID documents. It all began in 1911, when Isaäc Keesing established Keesing Systems, a pioneering publishing house in Amsterdam. Since then, our commitment to authenticity has remained unwavering, making us the foremost authority in document verification. 

At the heart of our work lies the DocumentChecker database—a meticulously curated collection of ID documents and banknotes from around the world. With decades of expertise behind it, our database is unmatched in its precision and comprehensiveness. Yet, there is a story rarely told: the journey of a banknote before it becomes part of the DocumentChecker Database. 

Join us as we reveal the fascinating world behind Keesing DocumentChecker.  

Document Acquisition: The Beginning of the Journey 

The journey of a banknote begins with its acquisition from various sources. Our document acquisition department maintains long-term relationships with issuing authorities around the world, such as central banks, government agencies and other banknote issuing organizations. This diverse array of sources ensures a comprehensive collection, enabling thorough analysis and evaluation. As new banknotes are released, we obtain official samples to update DocumentChecker accordingly. Organization continuously provides us with official banknote specimens.    

“We establish professional and long-lasting relationships with governmental institutions to make sure we have the most up to date database. This way our clients and users can verify the latest ID documents and banknotes with ease” – Maickel van Oijen

Banknotes DocumentChecker

Document Inspection: Revealing Security Features 

Once acquired, our editorial department carefully inspects all details, such as the size and the name, and inspects all security features. All the features found are documented with their location. Our trained experts meticulously inspect each note, identifying intricate details and patterns. After inspection, the data is stored in our secure database.  

Document Inspection Keesing DocumentChecker

Inside Keesing’s Studio: Capturing Every Detail 

Following examination, the banknote’s details are recorded and photographed through multiple high-end cameras and scanners in our studio. These machines capture every detail with different light sources, such as ultraviolet and infrared light, providing a comprehensive and high-quality record of each note’s unique characteristics. The security features of the banknotes are also captured; watermarks, hologram, and much more. Once all details (such as currency, denomination, size, etc.), security features, and photographs are ready, these high-resolution images are color corrected and uploaded to our database.   


Final Destination: Secure Storage or Safe Return 

Back in the editorial department, every unique characteristic and design aspect of the banknote is entered into the system. Furthermore, all details of the banknote will be translated into French, Italian, Spanish, English, and German. The photos and recordings are then uploaded and once ready, the banknote is live, and users will receive a notification. 

After the banknote is put into DocumentChecker, two things can happen. The banknote is either carefully stored in our safe or it is returned to the source we received it from. Some documents are specimen documents which must be returned to various governmental institutions.  

Keesing DocumentChecker 

Our DocumentChecker database contains the world’s most comprehensive and accurate reference information for ID documents and banknotes. DocumentChecker supports you with performing sufficient document verification and accordingly improve your know-your-customer (KYC) and customer-due diligence-(CDD) processes, perform anti-money-laundering (AML) manual checks and protect your business from fraud. Based on over a century of accumulated knowledge and expertise in document verification, our databases are at the core of all our verification solutions. 

At the core of our work is our dedicated team at Keesing Technologies, the driving force behind our global effort to combat counterfeit currencies and fraudulent documents. With ongoing commitment and expertise, they carefully acquire, inspect, and process banknotes and ID documents from around the globe. Their attention to detail and dedication to maintaining strong relationships with governmental institutions and reliable partners that issue ID documents and banknotes guarantee the high quality, acracy and timeliness of our DocumentChecker database. At Keesing, our team’s passion for safeguarding against counterfeit currency and fraudulent documents drives everything we do.   

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