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AuthentiScan STANDARD is an automated and highly reliable solution for authenticating passports, ID cards, driving licenses, visas and residence permits. STANDARD allows you to scan, inspect and store nearly all national and international ID documents currently in circulation. In case of doubt about the authenticity of a given ID document, you can at all times seek assistance from the Keesing Expert Helpdesk.

AuthentiScan STANDARD:

  • Professional ID document authentication
  • Inspection of security features
  • Automatic retrieval, storage and export of the ID document/RFID chip data
  • Access to Keesing Documentchecker
  • Detailed audit report
  • Used in combination with a passport reader
  • Access to Keesing Expert Helpdesk
  • Suitable for online (Internet Explorer 8 or >)

Checking ID documents using STANDARD is easy – simply place the document on the passport reader and the system automatically performs the following checks:

Automated checks

  • MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) check
  • Document expiry date (and validity)
  • UV (ultraviolet) optical dullness response (ICAO requirement)
  • B900 ink (ICAO requirement)
  • Comparison of RFID picture with VIZ (Visual Inspection Zone) photo
  • Comparison of RFID data with MRZ data

STANDARD is powered by the Documentchecker Database, allowing you to perform cross checks against reference material stored in this unique database. Other additional checks the system offers are:

Additional checks

  • Profiling check, including a photo comparison, age check, and signature check
  • Inspection and verification of security features (white/UV/IR light, imageperf, hologram, watermark, relief, passport photo)
  • Cross reference check against PEP/Sanction lists or internal blacklists
  • Right to Work check
  • VIS check (Only for users in the Netherlands)


Auto retrieval, storage and export of data stored in the ID document and RFID chip
AuthentiScan STANDARD automatically retrieves data from an ID document and stores the information in a secure database.


  • the status of the ID document (genuine/counterfeit)
  • the images included in the ID document (UV, IR)
  • data stored in the RFID chip as well as the physical document
  •  a detailed report for each check conducted

The system supports efficient data processing; users are able to save, print, export and share data, allowing it to be used in other programs and processes.

Sanction lists screening and Right-to-Work check
STANDARD offers a cross reference check against PEP (politically exposed persons) and sanction lists and a Right to Work check to verify whether a person is entitled to work in a country.

For more information on additional tools and the integration of STANDARD into your own IT environment, please contact your Sales Consultant at Keesing for further information.

Audit trail
AuthentiScan STANDARD generates a detailed audit report.

Download the AuthentiScan Family brochure

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