OVD Optical Variable Device

The Keesing OVD  

Delving into the old archives at our office, we stumbled upon a hidden gem that sparked our curiosity; a book titled: “STUDY OF FORGERIES – OVD (Optical Variable Device),” published by the Keesing ID Academy in 2018.  

As we began to read, we discovered the unique Keesing OVD, specially made for this study. Crafted by SURYS, a leader in optical security solutions, this OVD patch is embedded with security features for different levels of authentication.  

Although this OVD was made in 2018, it is fascinating to see how innovations from a few years ago continue to impact the field of document security. The Keesing OVD is special as it is personalized with characteristics of The Netherlands in its design. With bikes, tulips, and Dutch historical figures, they are reflecting our origins and the location of our headquarters.  

What is an OVD?  

An Optical Variable Device (OVD) is an iridescent or non-iridescent security feature that exhibits different information, such as movement or colour changes, depending on the viewing and/or lighting conditions.  

Some types of OVDs include: Alphagram®, Hologram, Kinegram®, DID®, Identigram®, HoloID®, MLI®, TLI®, and CLI®. 

OVDs are used as a security feature in ID documents, banknotes, and high-value consumer goods like alcoholic beverages or electronic equipment. OVDs are hard difficult to replicate, therefore, manufacturers and authorities can ensure that items are genuine, providing a way to combat counterfeiting while also protecting consumers and businesses. 

If you would like to know more about holograms and how Keesing Technologies captures them into our solutions, read here 

The Keesing OVD 

1st Level Authentication 

Clockwise animation: When the hologram is tilted left/right, bicycles and Keesing texts show bright white kinetic animation and move in opposite directions. When the hologram is rotated 360 degrees, Keesing texts stay bright at <<noon>> whereas bicycles stay bright at <<six>>.  

White diffractive micro-picture: The label shows four micro-pictures bearing a bright white achromatic effect. When the hologram is rotated 360 degrees, four separate images appear bright in turns.  


Vertical achromatic animation: When the hologram is tilted from top/bottom with a wide angle, the achromatic elements are animated.  

Horizontal achromatic animation: When the hologram is tilted from left/right, lines are animated.  

2nd Level Authentication 

Floating letter under point source: A hidden ‘K’ letter appears when seen under a point source such as a smartphone LED. 

optically variable devices

180-degree contrast reversal: When a micro-picture is observed at 0 degrees, it appears very bright while the opposite micro-picture looks dull. When the hologram is turned at 180 degrees in its plane, the dull micro-picture becomes bright and reciprocal.  

Micro elements: High diffractive micro-lettering and micro-lines, readable with a magnifier (x10).  

3rd Level Authentication 

Nano-text: A nano-text is visible with an x100 microscope. 

nano text

Reliably Check OVDs  

Remembering the intricate security features of every ID document or banknote issued around the world is an impossible task. This is where Keesing DocumentChecker steps in. With an extensive reference database, you can reliably compare and identify the characteristics required to verify the authenticity of documents and banknotes. 

DocumentChecker is home to over 7,000 documents from more than 200 issuing authorities. It provides detailed information on document information, data positions, security features, and high-definition images in a variety of lightings, such as white light, UV light, and infrared light. Additionally, you will also receive notifications when new documents are added or counterfeit alerts are issued, ensuring that you are always up to date. 

Get a free trial of DocumentChecker by contacting us below. For further enquiries, email us or call us at +31 (0)20 7157 825. 


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