KeesingApp database security features id verification

Sneak peek: First look at the KeesingApp 

As an established company since 1911, we believe that the essence of manual checking retains its value. Until the entire world transitions to digital identities and places full trust in cryptocurrency or any other digital currency as the primary form of exchange, the verification of physical identity documents and banknotes will remain central. 

This ethos fuels our commitment to ongoing vigilance and innovation, tailored to meet the evolving demands of industries and customers alike. With great enthusiasm, we announce our latest innovation: the beta version of the KeesingApp. Serving as your ultimate manual-check companion, the KeesingApp aims to revolutionize the verification process from the palm of your hand, providing accuracy and security at every step, even in offline environments. 

Just by using your mobile device, you can reliably verify various documents like passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and banknotes. The app tells you exactly what and where to check when inspecting security features for counterfeit detection.  

“We already offer our DocumentChecker online service with a responsive mobile design, but we wanted to see if customers would find some additional tools useful in their document checking. While online is the primary mode of work, it’s not always efficient or available. We aim to explore how offline data can enhance productivity for some users.” – Calum Bunney, Product Management Lead

Here is what to expect:  

On The Go Verification 

With the app, you can verify either banknotes or ID documents anytime, anywhere. Going somewhere without an internet connection? Whether you are online or offline, you can rely on KeesingApp, ensuring accessibility and convenience without compromising security.  

Intuitive Interface  

KeesingApp’s interface is designed as intuitive and user-friendly as possible so you can verify swiftly and enjoy a straightforward experience. The design facilitates the look, tilt, and feel feature that shows you how to inspect the document. We will address more details about this below. 

Global and Comprehensive Variety of Documents 

Enjoy the comprehensive global coverage of documents from over 200+ issuing authorities. Containing 7000+ documents, KeesingApp covers a range of document types including passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and banknotes. Please keep in mind that in the beta version, the number of documents is still limited. 

“Look, Feel, Tilt” 
KeesingApp look feel tilt database security features id verification

The “look, feel, tilt” is a standard guideline to check the authenticity of government-issued documents and banknotes. Our application is designed to make this verification process simpler by giving users easy directions. Explore information about the security features and engage with them interactively! It shows you where to inspect, feel the relief embossing on the document with your fingers, and tilt the document to see how the holograms reflect light, just like it would in real life.  

Make use of the integrated camera for a side-by-side comparison. Use the zoom feature to examine, for example, microprints. You can turn on the flash on your phone without having to leave the app, so you can inspect it on holographic elements. 

Whether or not a user is an expert, the app is designed for you to be most informed about document information and security features. 


All documents and banknotes in our database come from trusted and secure sources, which are governments or issuing authorities. Furthermore, it is not possible to take screenshots or do a screen record of the application. Your data is always safe with the application’s thorough security measures, providing peace of mind during the verification process. 

What is Next? 

In the following months, we will continue to modify and improve KeesingApp. More functionalities will be introduced to enhance your experience and meet your needs. During events or conferences, you might also be able to test out our app firsthand. So, stay tuned as we work behind the scenes to offer you the best possible version of KeesingApp.  

Your Feedback Matters! 

We value your feedback, whether you have suggestions, encounter any issues, or simply want to share your thoughts. You can provide feedback directly within the app on the menu bar or send us an email. Your feedback helps us improve and ensure we are catering to your verification needs effectively.  

Get Early Access 

Be among the first to explore our beta version from the App Store or Google Play and experience the convenience of verifying your documents anytime, anywhere. Once downloaded, simply request a trial account within the app and receive an email granting you access. Ready to go!