Download Now: The Paypers Digital Onboarding and KYC Report 2020

Digital onboarding begins the moment a customer wants to use your products and services, but banks and financial institutions don’t always get it right. The first edition of the Digital Onboarding and KYC Report 2020 explores the key challenges in the onboarding process and aims to help businesses navigate the digital onboarding process.

Most often, companies and service providers focus on only one aspect of a customer’s digital lifecycle, whether that is onboarding, validation, or identification, failing to capitalise on a customer’s full digital engagement potential. Key solution providers, including Keesing Technologies, come up with examples and best practices for outstanding customer experiences at each stage of the digital identity journey.

To enable banks and financial institutions to better understand their customers, their financial dealings, and the risk associated with them, the Digital Onboarding and KYC Report 2020’s contributors also offer their opinions on the following aspects:

  • The anatomy of the digital onboarding process
  • Sharing expertise on innovative products and solutions used for digital onboarding
  • Ways to fight financial crime with RegTech

Analysts predict an increase in client demand for innovative RegTech solutions, with a market potential of $76.3 billion and $10.7 billion in Europe in 2022, according to Deloitte. Besides the editorials, the report features a comprehensive company-profile second section with details regarding the key player’s core solutions, their business partners, technology and many others.

Download the report now: