[INFOGRAPHIC] The new 200 Florin banknote

The new florin banknote series is of exceptional beauty – a feast for the eye with its beautifully and colorfully designed elements of Aruba’s rich culture, flora and fauna. The carefully selected and state of the art security features are found on each banknote and together with the illustrations form a smart unity.

An eye-catching security feature is the large MOTION SURFACE™ strip. Aruba is the first country in the world using the micro-optic security feature (produced by Crane Currency) for a complete series of banknotes. The result is stunning. The security surface features 3D effects and animations (a.o. a rolling ball) that look so real that you keep tilting the note, looking at it. No need to say that counterfeiters will have a hard time counterfeiting. A successful series I would say.