Keesing Brings Security to Customers with a Successful Penetration Testing  

We are thrilled to share exciting news. Keesing DocumentChecker v2, the document reference database which is the core of our identity verification services, has successfully undergone independent testing demonstrating how we protect our customer user identities, data, and subscription value.  


Throughout this year, DocumentChecker v2 has upgraded its SaaS platform to support modern forms of customer identity management, data provisioning and various micro-services. Independent testing has validated the improvements brought to these functions and to Keesing customers, who can be confident of connecting securely and safely with us. 

We are delighted to report that the results exceeded our expectations, confirming the exceptional security measures in place to protect sensitive data and ensure a smooth identity verification process. Independent testing is a recurring feature in Keesing’s continuous quality improvement process.  


Penetration testing, also known as a pen test, simulates a cyber-attack on a computer system to identify vulnerabilities that malicious hackers can exploit. A team of experts conducted the penetration test to assess the security and resilience of our DocumentChecker against potential threats. Pen testing can involve attempting to breach several application systems (for example, application programming interfaces (APIs), and frontend/backend servers). Seeking constructive feedback from independent security professionals is crucial as a preventative measure. Moreover, the results serve as a guide to improve the quality of our IT architecture and systems. 

The foundation of our mission at Keesing Technologies is built upon the pillars of trust and a shared commitment to fostering a secure digital environment. As we steadfastly pursue excellence since 1911, join other 6000+ organizations globally in elevating your identity verification process.  


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