Keesing Technologies Further Expands Market Presence in APAC Region

AMSTERDAM, August 1, 2019 — Keesing Technologies is expanding its presence as a leader in digital ID document verification and identity proofing in the APAC region. Recently, the company has entered into a strategic partnership with Melbourne-based Ingenuous Pty Ltd. The partnership enables Keesing to support regional challenges and accelerate the introduction of trusted digital identity verification solutions and technology in the financial services industry of the region.

Keesing strives to provide organisations worldwide with easy access to its trusted identity verification solutions to help prevent and combat fraud on a global scale. To this end, the company strategically partners with digital identity management and know-your-customer/anti-money laundering (KYC/AML) solution providers. This enables Keesing to better serve local organisations and allows its partners to offer a more comprehensive solution to their customers. The strategic partnership with Ingenuous contributes to Keesing’s striving and makes trusted identity verification solutions more accessible to financial services organisations in the APAC region.

Keesing’s flagship solution AuthentiScan provides easy-to-use technology for identity proofing and extensive ID document verification. Melbourne-based Ingenuous delivers financial crimes prevention and compliance in a single platform called Intuition. By teaming up, the companies together deliver an effective and reliable e-KYC solution helping financial services organisations prevent fraud and ensure compliance with regulations.

The financial services industry is rapidly evolving, especially when it comes to customer identification and fraud detection. By teaming with Ingenuous, Keesing will be able to better understand and address the regional market needs. “We are excited to work with Ingenuous. The company has a great understanding of the challenges financial services organisations in the region struggle with. Their resources and professional experience within the region offer us an excellent way to set foot here with our identity verification solutions and to start new projects”, comments Mike Krechting, Managing Director at Keesing Technologies.

Ingenuous’ platform is designed for organisations who need to make informed, automated decisions about the customers they onboard and about the way they manage their transactions with those customers. Clint Mills, Managing Director of Ingenuous comments: “The partnership with Keesing represents a true force against fraud. The integration with AuthentiScan aims to help our customers to enhance their KYC and AML policies and to verify the identity of their customers in realtime. This way, we enable our customers to provide their customers a safe and convenient onboarding process and protection against money laundering and other types of fraud. In Keesing we have found the best strategic partner who can deliver reliable identity document verification in real time.”

Keesing works with various organisations within the financial services industry around the world to streamline and secure customer onboarding processes. The strategic partnership builds on the mutual commitment of both companies to serve the financial services industry with fraud prevention and KYC solutions of the highest standard.