ID verification made simple

As the world becomes more interconnected, the trust factor plays a significant role in developing economies. To build trust and counter security concerns all the countries across the globe today are issuing distinct secure identity documents to each and every citizen. Nevertheless, verifying these diverse identity documents integrated with high-end security features manually is a mammoth proposition for any business. Compounding the complexity, the lack of standard methods and expertise around identity verification proves to be an imposing hurdle.


In this scenario, the crucial question arises: how to validate and verify myriad of ID documents in the most efficient way and in less time. Holding the keys to this is the U.S. and Europe-based Keesing  Technologies. With decades of experience in the ID document verification industry, Keesing’s state-of-the-art ID authentication solutions help organizations to detect fraudulent IDs and take appropriate remedial measures. “Our unrivaled knowledge on what identity documents are supposed to look like and what their security features are, help us deliver proven ID validation solutions,” says Daniel Suess, commercial director of Keesing Technologies.

Keesing Technologies, a subsidiary of SURYS group, offers AuthentiScan, a multi-channel automated ID verification solution that helps banks and financial institutions verify the authenticity of ID documents. The company is a pioneer in installing AuthentiScan on over 1,000 workstations across leading banks in Scandinavia. “Our solutions are designed in such a way that a person with no special operation knowledge and training can verify ID documents in split seconds,” states Suess. “We routinely conduct workshops and training sessions to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the professionals carrying out ID document verification.

Keesing’s multi-channel solution is powered by Documentchecker, one of the world’s largest databases comprising detailed  escriptions and images of passports, ID cards, driving licenses, visas and banknotes from over 200 countries and organizations. With Keesing’s Documentchecker, customers not only get access to more than 70,000 images of over 5,000 issued ID documents. The integration of the database with AuthentiScan ensures thorough ID document verification as it enables customers to verify the authenticity of ID documents quickly by verifying up to 40 security features per ID in seconds. The information in DocumentChecker is updated by document acquisition specialists whoacquire the details of the IDs by engaging with the manufacturers of identity documents, embassies, government agencies, and issuers to create easy-touse and trustworthy reference material.

For instance, if someone intends to open an account with a bank, Keesing’s solution enables banks to verify an individual’s real-world identity on the spot. Keesing’s AuthentiScan verifies the digital ID and compares documents with the reference material present in its database. The solution has been configured to automatically meet the local legislation for customer identification and is fully integrated with the bank’s back office systems. For realtime exception handling, local banks can reach out to Keesing’s Document Expert Helpdesk or use their own back office with document professionals.

To elaborate more on their unique value proposition, Suess cites a scenario where one of Keesing’s telecom clients in Austria was struggling to get the  customer onboard with a lengthy manual contractual process. They also encountered multiple cases of fraudulent identity documents. By implementing Keesing’s automated ID verification solution, the telecom client was able to extract their client’s data effortlessly, verify the ID documents instantly, and quickly go ahead with the contractual procedure. What previously took eight minutes for onboarding clients was reduced to just five minutes and generated great ROI, while preventing fraud.

In terms of solution enhancements, Keesing recently moved into omnichannel solutions within the AuthentiScan product suite, which is focused on secure identification in nonface- to-face situations. “We now offer a remote client onboarding solution via web APIs that can be integrated with biometric features for an improved and secure customer experience,” concludes Suess.

Banking CIO Outlook – Security special – December 03 2018