Expected in Documentchecker: Peru’s new 10-sol and 100-sol banknotes

The first two denominations in Peru’s new family of bank notes, the 10- and 100-sol issues, were issued on July 22.

The banknotes will be available in Keesing Documentchecker on December 10th, 2021.

Both banknotes were carefully designed to reflect Peru’s rich history. The 10-sol note features María Isabel Granda y Larco, better known as ‘Chabuca Granda’, who was an internationally recognized singer and songwriter. She composed over a hundred songs based on Peruvian history and folklore. Her song “La Flor de la Canela” (the Cinnamon Flower) is regarded as the unofficial anthem of the city of Lima. The back of the banknote features an image of a vicuna to symbolise the country’s animal wealth.

The 100-sol note is dedicated to Pedro Paulet – a “multidisciplinary sage” – an architect, engineer, mechanic, chemist, economist, geographer, sculptor, diplomat, writer, lecturer, and visionary inventor. The back of this banknote shows a spatula cola hummingbird, a native species that lives only in the forest boundaries and the scrubland of a part of the northern Andes.

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