Keesing Documentchecker exceeds 6,000 ID documents, making it the most comprehensive reference database in the world

AMSTERDAM, September 16, 2019 – Keesing Technologies, the global identity verification provider, is pleased to announce that its industry-leading Documentchecker database now contains reference data on more than 6,000 ID documents.

Keesing Documentchecker enjoys a reputation as a highly reliable source of detailed reference information on ID documents from over 200 countries and organisations. Following the recent inclusion of the new Romanian and Rwandan national passports and the driver’s license and ID cards of the US States of Alaska and Indiana, the database now contains more than 6,000 ID documents. Another recent addition to Documentchecker is the laissez-passer document issued by the African Development Bank in 2017.

While organisations embark upon digital transformation and increasingly adopt biometric authentication technology, thorough ID document verification remains imperative. Unfortunately, the results of biometric and/or automated verification checks sometimes fail to meet legal requirements or security standards. In these situations, detailed reference information that allows users to perform accurate and reliable ID checks is indispensable. Daniel Suess, Commercial Director of Keesing Technologies emphasises the importance of quality ID reference material: “Many of our customers who check ID documents on a daily basis occasionally fall back on manual verification processes using our reference database, whether or not integrated into our digital ID verification solutions. Hundreds of countries issue thousands of ID documents, which all circulate concurrently. It is near enough impossible to be familiar with all these ID documents and their security features. And even if you are familiar with a given passport or driver’s license, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will recognise a forgery. That’s where Documentchecker comes in. It covers more ID documents than any other database in the world, and provides an unparalleled balance between remote identity proofing on the one hand and detailed ID document verification on the other.”

When it comes to size, quality and level of detail, Keesing Documentchecker has been in a league of its own for decades. Keesing has published reference material for the authentication of security documents for almost a century, starting with Keesing’s Counterfeits & Forgeries, launched in 1924. Since then, the company has continued developing reference material for secured documents, such as banknotes and ID documents, of the highest quality. In the early nineties, the company started publishing its content digitally, via Keesing Documentchecker, which opened the door to digital and remote ID verification, the mainstay of its existing business. All Keesing’s digital ID verification solutions are powered by the Documentchecker database. Daniel Suess: “We’ve focussed on the integrity, adequacy and quality of our database from the very outset, which is why we’re able to support so many international organisations in their daily fight against identity fraud”,

To safeguard the quality of Documentchecker, Keesing closely cooperates with international government agencies, as well as embassies, consulates and central banks. Documentchecker can either be used on a stand-alone basis, or in combination with Keesing’s leading-edge digital ID verification solutions. The content of Keesing Documentchecker is updated weekly.

About Keesing Technologies

Keesing Technologies was founded in 1923 and leads the way in digital ID document verification and identity proofing solutions. The objective of Keesing is to help organisations fight counterfeiting and fraud by providing the world’s best verification solutions. The high-tech solutions the company
develops draw on nearly a century of experience and knowledge.

Keesing’s authentication solutions are powered by a unique reference database that contains detailed descriptions – as well as high-res images – of thousands of ID documents and banknotes. In total, it covers more than 200 countries and organisations. The database reflects the company’s longstanding expertise and unique international network

Last year, Keesing introduced biometric technology to its AuthentiScan product suite, providing an easy-to-use identity proofing process incorporating biometric facial recognition and extensive ID document verification.

The company works with various organisations around the world to streamline and secure their customer onboarding processes. Keesing’s solutions are marked for security, accuracy and usability.

Keesing serves more than 6,000 organisations worldwide, including banks and other financial institutions. Keesing has offices in The Netherlands, France, and the USA, and collaborates with distributors, strategic partners and agents all over the world.

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