100 200 euro

The new 100 and 200 euro banknotes

As of this week, the new 100 and 200 Euro banknotes will be in circulation. They are to replace the older 2002 notes. The most important change: new security features! These notes are the most advanced when it comes to preventing counterfeiting.

Each banknote contains security features. To prove that a banknote is genuine and prevent counterfeiting. Whether you have twenty, fifty or 200 euros in your hand: they are all visibly and invisibly protected against counterfeiting.

The new 100 and 200 notes contain more advanced security features. The glittering band, for example, is even more detailed: “A moving hologram has been printed. If you tilt the note, you’ll see two euro signs spinning in the amount,” explains De Nederlandsche Bank.

Furthermore, a sparkling euro sign can be seen in the lower left with special ink.

The updated notes complete the ‘Europe series 2019’. This is a new series that is more wear-resistant and letter protected against counterfeiters.

A word from Keesing’s banknote expert

Our banknote expert Marijke Haring is very enthusiastic about the new banknotes. “The introduction of the second series of euro banknotes surprised me positively”, she says. “A fresh look, the introduction of the goddess Europa and more easy to recognise security features made a worthy update. However, the most innovative and eye-catching security features seem to have been saved for the 100 and 200 euro notes. A new colourful design accommodates two unique features. The dynamic satellite hologram (at the top of the silvery stripe – tiny euro symbols move around the value numeral) and the emerald number (Spark® feature, enhanced with euro symbols inside the numerals) are both striking. They give a playful effect which not only makes the notes nice to look at and easy to identify, but ensure a high anti-counterfeiting level as well.”

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