New in Keesing DocumentChecker: Arizona Driver’s License  

In a move to further combat counterfeiting and safeguard personal information, the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) updated their driver’s license in March 2023 

The new driver’s license is now available in Keesing DocumentChecker.

The Security Features  

  • Polycarbonate Material 
  • Laser-Engraved Data 
  • “Dynaprint” 
  • “Secure Surface” 


The Visuals: A Tribute to Arizona’s Splendor  

Ringtail, Arizona’s State Mammal 

The Ringtail, also known as the “miner’s cat,” has been the official state mammal of Arizona since 1986. Ringtails are cat-sized carnivores resembling a small fox with a long raccoon-like tail. This nocturnal creature is native to the state’s rugged landscapes. Its presence on the card pays homage to Arizona’s unique wildlife and its preservation. Since 2014, the ringtail has appeared on the Arizona driving license and identity card. In the same year, a public contest was held to name the Ringtail. Names like “Ringo”, “Kai”, even “Lord Voldemort” were among hundreds of entries, but the name “Rocky” became the winner.  

Saguaro Cactus and Ponderosa Pine Tree 

As part of the redesign, Arizona’s iconic landscapes take center stage. The card features the infamous Saguaro cactus and Ponderosa pine, symbolizing the rich diversity of Arizona’s terrain and communities. The cactus, the largest in the U.S., is protected by strict state rules against harvesting or collecting. Besides, The Ponderosa pine, is one of Southwest’s tallest trees- native to the western U.S. and Canada. 

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