New in Keesing DocumentChecker: Argentina 2,000 pesos banknote 

To commemorate the development of science and medicine in Argentina, the Central Bank of Argentina issued a new 2,000 pesos banknote, making it the country’s largest denomination note. It is a part of the fifth series of the country’s banknotes, replacing the previous animal pictures with historical figures – while keeping the same colour scheme as the 2016 series. 

This banknote is now available in Keesing DocumentChecker.

The banknote features Drs. Cecilia Grierson and Ramón Carrillo, the precursors in the development of medicine in Argentina. The other side of the banknote portrays the National Institute of Microbiology in Buenos Aires. Issued on 22 May 2023, this banknote uses a SPARK Live® Truspin security feature, where a greencoloured caduceus OVI turns into azure blue. The face also includes thirty-two raised bars which benefits the visually impaired, a see-through and a latent image. To see these features, check the infographic below. 

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