Your 2024 New Years Resolutions in Identity Verification  

It is that time again – a time when resolutions are on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Some vow to hit the gym, others plan to explore new hobbies or learn a language they have been putting off for a while. Just as many of us aspire to reach new goals this year, the realm of identity verification has its own set of resolutions. In a world where fraudsters constantly evolve, our resolutions focus on genuine verification practices to ensure a secure foundation for individuals and businesses alike. Join us on this journey as we unwrap the commitments that are ready to shape the narrative of identity verification in the promising year of 2024. 

#1 Enhance User Experience with Seamless Verification

Commit to improving the user experience by implementing seamless identity verification processes. Utilize technologies to verify users in the background without causing friction, providing a smoother and more user-friendly authentication experience.

#2 Stay Compliant with Evolving Regulations

Resolve to stay abreast of evolving regulations related to identity verification, such as GDPR or other regional data protection laws. Ensure that your identity verification solutions comply with the latest legal requirements to safeguard user privacy and maintain regulatory compliance.

#3 Invest in Automated & Adaptive Authentication

Make it a resolution to invest in automated and adaptive authentication mechanisms. Implement solutions that can dynamically adjust the level of authentication based on user behavior and risk factors, providing a more adaptive and robust identity verification system.

#4 Improve your Teams Verification Skills

Knowledge is a powerful weapon against fraud. Commit to educating yourself and your team about the latest trends and techniques in identity theft and fraud prevention. Access valuable resources, including e-learning modules, and participate in workshops, to stay informed with the knowledge needed to combat identity fraud. 

#5 Build a Community Against Fraud 

Resolution number five encourages collaboration within industries and communities. Strengthen the fabric of security by sharing knowledge, best practices, and insights on emerging threats. 

In the pursuit of advancing document authentication, look no further than DocumentChecker –the world’s most comprehensive reference database for manual checking. Complimenting this, AuthentiScan, our automated solution, ensures the authenticity of thousands of documents and over 70,000 security features. In DocumentChecker, you can also manually check 6,000+ banknotes from more than 200 issuing authorities, fortifying your defenses against fraudulent notes which secures your financial transactions.

Introducing Daas, this powerful dataset encompasses thousands of documents, providing identity verification providers with truthful and comprehensive data to train their AI. This boosts productivity and giving them higher accuracy in verification results. 

But we do not stop at solutions; we empower you with valuable resources. Dive into the Keesing Platform for industry news. With ID Academy, access e-learning modules and workshops designed to keep you informed and equipped with the expertise needed to confidently verify ID documents. 

Keesing Technologies is here to support you on this journey, providing state-of-the-art identity verification solutions that empower you to have a stronger defense against fraud. Let’s not just plan- make it happen. To get started or if you have any questions, contact us below and we will be happy to be in touch with you.