Particpate in the Joint Study Between SIA & the Norwegian University of Science

Today’s technological advances come rapidly, making it important to keep a sharp focus on how personal privacy stands in relation to the high-tech revolution occurring in the identity world.  As a key member of the Secure Identity Alliance* (SIA) and chair and contributor of the Document Security workgroup, INGroupe fosters the right to be you, the right to have an identity and the right to privacy.

In the midst of change we need to keep pace with how the dynamics of privacy are perceived by different stakeholders during the development of Digital Identity Systems and through their application by governments and other parties around the world. To meet this challenge, SIA has joined forces with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU**) to conduct in-depth research on Privacy by Design integration into the development of National Digital Identity Systems (NDIS).

The main objective of the survey is to examine practitioners’ “knowledge of”, “attitudes towards” and “practices for” integrating privacy by design principles into Development of Digital Identity systems.

The survey is 100% anonymous and it will take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The survey targets government agencies that manage/issue digital credentials or suppliers of ID system components and infrastructures, and wishes to look at an even split between managerial and technical roles. Feel free to share it with any contacts you feel are relevant within or outside of your organization.”

We – IN Groupe and Keesing Technologies – invite our network to contribute to this study. Your knowledge and expertise are highly valued.

In return for your participation, you will receive a private copy of the study’s results with a full report on the correlation between knowledge, attitude and practice when it comes to privacy by design.

Thank you in advance for your precious time and valuable contribution!

*The Secure Identity Alliance is an expert and globally recognised not-for-profit organisation. We bring together public, private and non-government organisations to foster international collaboration, help shape policy, provide technical guidance and share best practice in the implementation of identity programmes.

**NTNU is a university with a main profile in science and technology and has an international focus on a variety of programmes of professional study, and great academic breadth. The Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK) at NTNU conducts international competitive research in several areas of cyber security, information security, communication networks and networked services and hosts the Centre for Cyber and Information Security (NTNU CCIS) as a national centre for research, education, testing, training and competence development within the area of cyber and information security.