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My Experience with Keesing’s ID Workshop 

Picture a room buzzing with excitement, filled with eager minds ready to explore the secrets hidden within identity documents. That is precisely where I found myself not long ago. I recently had the privilege of diving headfirst into Keesing Technologies’ ID Workshop, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of extraordinary. Fueled by nothing but curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, I set off on a journey that would reshape my understanding of identity verification.  

As a new employee at Keesing, immersing myself in the ID Workshop from the Keesing ID Academy was more than just a suggestion; it was a mandatory aspect of my onboarding journey. From seasoned professionals to fresh faces like mine, everyone is expected to embrace the principles and practices taught in this workshop. It is not just about learning the ropes; it is about embodying Keesing’s commitment to excellence in document verification. While my role within Keesing as a marketer, may not directly involve document verification on a day-to-day basis, understanding the intricacies of document authentication is essential for effectively communicating Keesing’s commitment to excellence to our customers.   

In this blog, I will share my firsthand experience of the workshop. 

The Foundation  

The Keesing ID Academy was founded in 2014 as a unique source of information that draws on nearly a century of practical experience. The ID Academy is staffed by highly experienced document experts and trainers. This time, the workshop was held by Kevin Cabout. He works as a Document Expert at Keesing Technologies, and is responsible for the acquisition of (specimen) ID documents. Kevin has been working as a trainer for the Keesing ID Academy since 2022.  

Hands-On Exploration 

The workshop begins by laying a solid theoretical foundation. We dived into the essential principles of document verification, learning about various security features embedded within identity documents. This includes understanding the intricate details of watermarks, holograms, advanced printing techniques, security inks, and other elements designed to prevent counterfeiting.  

The heart of the workshop lies in hands-on exploration. We are provided with specimen documents, ranging from various passports and banknotes. Under the guidance of Kevin, we engage in practical exercises where we look at these documents up close, feeling the texture, examining the print quality, and scrutinizing the security elements. For example, by running our fingers over the surface, we could feel the raised printing and embossed features. Moreover, our examination is facilitated by a variety of tools, including the Doculus Lumus inspection tool and UV lights. One such exercise involved examining passports closely under UV light. Authentic passports showed hidden patterns and markings invisible to the naked eye. Some security features are so subtle or hidden that most of us might not even be aware they exist on the documents.  

Tools workshop ID passports

The Importance of Detail 

The most valuable lesson I learned was the importance of maintaining a keen eye for detail. In a world where counterfeiters are constantly innovating and adapting their methods, being able to identify even the smallest variations can mean the difference between authenticity and fraud. I have come to understand that recognizing where a certain security feature is placed on a document does not automatically guarantee its authenticity. The crucial step is discerning whether the feature is genuine or counterfeit. Throughout the workshop, it challenged me to think critically, to question assumptions, and to approach every document with a discerning eye. 

Experience yourself 

As I conclude this reflection on my journey through the ID Workshop, I realize that there is so much more to share about this experience. However, I believe that some experiences are best left to be lived firsthand. So, if your organization ever finds the opportunity to explore the secrets of identity documents within the confines of the ID Workshop, I urge you to seize it. Dive into the knowledge, and let it reshape your understanding of identity verification just as it has mine. After all, nothing beats the impact of learning by doing.

Keesing Technologies

Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation for helping organisations prevent fraud involving ID documents and banknotes. Keesing services organisations in over 120 countries, including government agencies, security printers, temporary employment agencies, insurance companies, banks, telecom providers, solicitors, and airlines. 

Join us in our mission to uphold the highest standards of security and authenticity. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against fraud. Start today and acquire the skills that are needed to authenticate ID documents. Feel free to contact us for more information, our team is ready to answer all your questions and we can help you set up a tailored workshop on location.