Exploring ID Document Databases for Manual Identity Verification

Many authorities and businesses seek resources that provide sample identity documents to be able to manually determine the authenticity of ID documents presented to them. It could be for immigration purposes, know-your-customer (KYC), or customer-due-diligence (CDD), to name a few. Fortunately, some do offer such documents to assist you in distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent documents.

In this blog post, we will delve into three prominent free resources and their features. These databases serve as valuable starting points for basic identity verification needs. Additionally, we will introduce you to Keesing DocumentChecker, your helping hand when it comes to comprehensive ID checks.

Let’s explore these resources!


Screenshot of the ID document Database PRADO

The Public Register of Authentic Travel and Identity Documents Online, known as PRADO, serves as a digital archive dedicated to the security features found in travel documents. This valuable resource is maintained by the Council of the European Union. Its database contains information on some of the most important security features of identity and travel documents from countries all over the world.

PRADO provides essential technical descriptions, including insights into security features, present in genuine identity and travel documents. Beyond this, users can conveniently access links to websites that compile official lists of recognized travel documents, endorsed by EU member states and Schengen states. Additionally, PRADO offers insights into invalid document numbers, sourced from not only EU Member States but also other countries. Users can also access information related to identity checking, document checking, and document fraud. PRADO is publicly available to access and requires no login details.


Screenshot of the ID document Database edison

Similar to PRADO, EdisonTD (Travel Documents) is also an alternative although it has more documents listed for countries outside the EU. The database is created in collaboration with authorities in Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Interpol. English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Arabic are all supported languages for the content. There are different tiers or levels of access to Edison TD. Logging in is not required for the first level of access, which is free of charge.

European Driver’s License Models

Screenshot of the Database of the European Drivers licences

The European Commission displays models of driver’s licenses on this website for EEA (European Economic Area) countries. You can use the country filter to look for a specific driver’s license. Once the correct model has been chosen, you can view details about its physical attributes, security features, entitlements, and categories.

Keesing DocumentChecker

While these sources provide valuable free resources for identity verification, sometimes the need for more advanced capabilities arises. That’s where Keesings DocumentChecker comes into play, an up-to-date ID document database that offers access to detailed information about ID documents from all over the world.


Screenshot of Keesing DocumentChecker, the world's most comprehensive database


What sets Keesing DocumentChecker apart from all the free solutions available?

  1. Most up-to-date documents

In the rapidly evolving field of identity verification, staying up-to-date is crucial. Keesing’s experts continuously obtain and inspect new ID documents and add them to their collections. With a continuous update, Keesing Technologies ensures that their users are not just keeping pace with the evolving industry, they are confidently leading the way.

  1. Authentic specimens

One of the standout features of Keesing DocumentChecker is its unique ability to provide users with official sample documents sourced directly from government agencies and issuing authorities worldwide. This remarkable resource is made possible by Keesing’s document acquisition experts, who have cultivated and maintained strong, long-standing relationships with these official entities. These relationships are more than just connections; they are a testament to Keesing’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of accuracy and reliability and therefore ensuring that the documents are not only up-to-date but also meticulously vetted for authenticity.

  1. MRZ Tool for in-depth verification

Keesing offers an MRZ Tool (Machine-Readable Zone) for cross-checking ID information. Keesing DocumentChecker’s MRZ Tool is a valuable asset for identity verification, providing an additional layer of security and reliability by cross-checking the information contained in the MRZ with the visual data on the document. This tool significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the verification process, making it an indispensable feature for organizations and businesses focused on maintaining secure identity verification procedures.

  1. Optimized user experience

The newest version of DocumentChecker has a modern design of the interface. Apart from that, users can save their most searched document references for quick access. Receive real-time notifications for new documents and detect potential forged documents and banknotes, keeping you one step ahead of fraudsters. In this database, users can look at different kinds of HD images of the documents, from white light, UV light, to infrared. Of course, each security feature in the document has a detailed picture. What is more, is the interactive way of checking security features such as kinegrams, OVIs (optically variable ink), 3D photos, and more. Lastly, data positions are marked clearly, making them easier to spot during the authentication process.

Security feature of an Document from Keesing DocumentCheckerTo get a free trial or learn more about DocumentChecker, please contact us below.