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Mobai and Keesing Technologies partner to bring seamless ID verification for secure customer onboarding to market

January 17, 2022 – Amsterdam
For Immediate Release

Mobai AS and Keesing Technologies team up to prevent identity fraud and enhance KYC processes by launching frictionless end-to-end identity verification. The partnership adds cutting-edge face verification technology to one of the world’s premier identity verification platforms, providing a highly secure and trusted means of customer screening and onboarding for both on-site and remote settings.

Mobai, provider of leading biometric solutions, and Keesing Technologies, a leading global identity verification provider, announce a partnership to support businesses all over the world to securely onboard customers face-to-face as well as online with seamless end-to-end identity verification. By joining forces, they offer (online) service providers a frictionless and highly secure Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process that is based on Keesing’s trusted identity verification and state-of-the-art face verification technology from Mobai.

In 2019, Keesing introduced biometric technology to its roster of identity verification solutions. The partnership with Mobai enables the identity verification provider to boost its AuthentiScan product suite with the latest biometric technologies for facial verification. By adding Mobai’s technology, Keesing accommodates the surge in requests from its customers and the market for a secure solution that supports seamless identity verification for both remote and on-premises customer screening and onboarding.

“Businesses around the world are faced with the need to verify identities – whether digital or document-based – to protect their business and ensure the right person has access to their service.  As the user experience in the verification, validation and onboarding process is crucial to the success of a business, we see it as our responsibility to provide them with best-in-class identity verification to prevent fraud in a way that’s user-friendly, secure, and effective for them and their customers, and that’s one of the benefits of teaming up with Mobai,”

Jan Lindeman, Managing Director of Keesing Technologies.

AuthentiScan is Keesing’s flagship solution for automated identity verification. It offers reliable and real-time results, guiding the customer through a seamless identity proofing process– using Mobai’s facial verification technology – and Keesing’s extensive ID document verification technology. Based on a comparison of a selfie with the photo on the ID document the face verification technology ensures biological identifiers are from the proper user and not from someone else. As this check is seamlessly integrated in the process and ease-to-use, it instantly boosts efficiency and does not interfere with the user experience. Keesing’s identity verification offers the highest level of document authentication and verification by submitting the document to several thorough cross-checks and verifying it against Keesing’s ID reference database including ID documents from over 200 countries. This accurate and comprehensive document verification process allows for extremely reliable results that contribute to security and fraud prevention for the business and its customers. Together, the Norwegian and Dutch companies bring a unique combination of best-in-class technologies that allows businesses to establish someone’s true identity from anywhere in the world and brings trust in business relationships again.

“We are thrilled with the integration of our face verification technology in the Keesing AuthentiScan product suite and are excited to see how our partnership results in a holistic solution for businesses looking for a highly secure means of ID verification. It’s fantastic to see that regardless of the situation, whether it’s face-to-face or remote, we can contribute to the security of a business and at the same time give their users a convenient user experience when onboarding. During the integration project over the past months, we have learned to appreciate the expertise, transparency, and professionalism of Keesing Technologies, which is really reflected in the low friction and modern user experience of the solution we are now bringing to market”, says Brage Strand, founder and CEO of Mobai AS.

  “We are confident that Keesing’s longstanding expertise and trusted business combined with Mobai’s innovative and advanced face verification services are a perfect fit for existing and new clients”.

Brage Strand, Founder and CEO of Mobai AS

Jan Lindeman adds to this: “We know how crucial a secure and smooth onboarding process is for users, and that a trusted means of identity verification is key in this respect. The solution enabled by this partnership reflects the core values Keesing stands for: security, trust, accuracy, and ease of use. Mobai is known for providing its customers with safe and accessible biometric services and we are very pleased with the addition of Mobai biometrics to our solutions, increasing the level of trust in identity for our customers and the customers of our customers.”

Mobai’s mission is to make digital services safe and available to everyone. “By introducing face verification as a means of identity proofing, we may also offer support to groups that struggle with more traditional password-based solutions such as elderly. In addition, face verification reduces the need to physically touch and handle keyboards tokens and other devices. By doing so, we can contribute to enabling a wider range of non-traditional and new users to join our digital society,” says Brage Strand.

The new service, Keesing AuthentiScan with face verification, is available from today. Initially, AuthentiScan will use Mobai Face Verification that includes liveness detection checks from Mobai’s Presentation Attack Detection Service (PAD). Future AuthentiScan releases may include Mobai Morphing Attack Service (MAD) providing customers with a unique and enhanced protection of personal data and privacy by using biometric template protection technologies.

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