PRESS RELEASE: Keesing Technologies partners with Minor Decliner – delivering an effective ID and age verification tool to fight underage sales.


Minor Decliner Becomes First U.S. Dealer to Integrate KEESING Documentchecker with ID Verifying Products

August 23, 2021 – Stevensville, MD
For Immediate Release

Minor Decliner, adding to their roster of ID-verifying products for businesses selling age-restricted items, has become the first U.S. dealer of the KEESING Documentchecker, an additional way to ensure efficiency, speed and accuracy in the crucial ID-verifying process. With Minor Decliner and the KEESING Documentchecker, businesses can feel confident that their ID-checking processes are virtually error-free and will keep them in compliance with state and national laws.

“We are proud to introduce our Identify Document Kiosk,” says Ron Tobb, President of Minor Decliner. “Now enterprises can have an easy-to-implement, stand-alone compact kiosk to look up and inspect identity documents and their security features. The system is automatically updated every other week, so you always have the latest information. With a digital reference guide, you also have the ability to enlarge and zoom in to review every detailed feature of the IDs.”

This patented revolutionary new tool provides businesses with a comprehensive library of U.S. Driver’s Licenses (and other IDs) and the ability to verify the security features on each individual state license. This technology, for the first time in the U.S., can now be purchased along-side age-verification technology as an add-on option with Minor Decliner products.

Keesing, a Dutch-based brand, strives to provide organizations all over the world with easy access to its trusted ID reference information to help them prevent and combat identity fraud. Strategic partnerships enable Keesing to better serve local organizations and accelerate the introduction of trusted identity verification for global fraud prevention and deterring underage sales.

“We aim to help organizations prevent identity fraud on a global scale. This partnership with Minor Decliner, a professional and regional business, enables us to specifically reach U.S.-based companies and support them in the fight against underage sales. I am convinced that the combined strengths and expertise of both parties will provide the U.S. with an excellent, reliable ID and age verification solution”, says Stephanie Tjeenk-Willink, Sales Manager at Keesing Technologies.

Paired with Minor Decliner, a convenient and modern stand-alone kiosk, businesses can now easily scan a driver’s license to detect if the ID is expired or the cardholder is underage and can then use the KEESING Documentchecker portal to check the security features of the driver’s license against the document library of authentic licenses. All of the state-specific security features will be noted and highlighted for easy and quick review. Each license also includes a view under ultraviolet light, to be able to compare the security features visible under UV.

KEESING Documentchecker offers Minor Decliner’s customers:
• Perfect reference material for all issued IDs at their fingertips
• Confidence about to whom they can and cannot sell (and serve)
• A very effective and preventive tool in the fight against underage sales

“With the KEESING Documentchecker, ID verification for age-restricted products has never been easier and now, thanks to Minor Decliner, it’s never been more accessible.”

For more information and how to get a Minor Decliner product integrated with the KEESING Documentchecker, please visit today.