NSL Valid8 and Keesing AuthentiScan bring proven identity verification to government’s digital marketplace

The UK Government’s Digital Marketplace provides all types of public sector organisations with a highly efficient and reliable platform for buying IT-related services through pre-agreed framework contracts. It is a much faster and cheaper approach than a conventional procurement contract with an individual supplier. The marketplace relies on identity verification services provided through the NSL Valid8 identity checking service, which is available both as a self-service, cloud-based model or as a managed service. NSL Valid8 enables users to verify identities using market-leading systems from Keesing Technologies. This automated self-service option enables non-specialists to verify IDs from over 200 different jurisdictions in seconds, with the added reassurance of dedicated Keesing Expert Help Desk support.

”The Government’s Digital Marketplace is an increasingly popular and convenient platform for public sector organisations to source and secure specialist cloud services. I have no doubt our successful application will introduce other government departments, local authorities and a host of other public sector organisations and devolved administrations to the benefits of our comprehensive identity checking solutions.”

NSL Checking Head of Service

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