Digital ID check helps ISS improve recruitment process

The cleaning sector typically employs individuals with a greater diversity of nationalities than other service industries. It is also a sector that has been traditionally characterised by high employee turnover. As a leading company within the industry, ISS Facility Services (ISS) recruits hundreds of employees every month. Before any contract can be signed, however, the organisation is legally required to verify the IDs of new employees. That is what pushed the organisation to pursue Keesing AuthentiScan, linking it to ISS’ e-Plaza, a centralised system for processing and registering workforce changes. AuthentiScan enables ISS to markedly improve its recruitment efficiency, comply with employment legislation and prevent illegal labour.

“You cannot expect employees to be in a position to assess the authenticity of every ID document currently in circulation. In order to support them – and at the same time improve the quality of our ID checks – we went in search of an ID document verification tool and ended up piloting Keesing AuthentiScan. The solution developed by Keesing allows identities to be checked digitally. What’s more, AuthentiScan is easy to use and can be accessed from any PC, making it highly portable. Only a few weeks into the pilot, it became clear that the quality and efficiency of our recruitment processes would be lifted to a new, higher level.”

Personnel Manager at ISS Facility Services

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