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Norwegian company RIG (Risk Information Group) is the leading provider of risk intelligence in the Nordic region. From its offices in Oslo and Stockholm, the company delivers its services to corporate and government institutions throughout the world, including eight  out of ten of the largest businesses in Norway.

RIG operates a team of highly skilled consultants, perfectly positioned to provide a range of risk-related services including ID fraud, compliance, money laundering, KYC, enhanced due diligence, and more.

Looking for the right identity verification system


The company began its operations back in 2010. At that time, RIG was working with a large Norwegian bank that was experiencing challenges in customer onboarding. RIG’s client was looking for an identity verification solution. The bank required access to a system that could rapidly – and reliably – perform ID document verification to ensure secure customer onboarding.

RIG introduced its client to Keesing’s AuthentiScan – an ID scanner combined with Keesing’s software technology able to perform document verification services on almost any form of identification.

Preben Fjeld, partner and CEO of RIG explains, “With customer onboarding in banking, the most important part is that you are onboarding the right person. Using AuthentiScan you can check any document in the world. It is very user-friendly, very stable with no downtime. It’s secure. And, if you need help, Keesing’s employees know what they are talking about.”

First-class fraud protection with AuthentiScan

With AuthentiScan, RIG provides its clients with first-class fraud protection. Wherever you are in the world, AuthentiScan makes the accurate, on-the-spot verification of identity straightforward.

Keesing is dedicated in offering their partners top-tier identity verification solutions. We partner with industry leaders, system integrators, distributors and agents to provide best-in-class identity verification solutions all over the world. Joining forces results in reliable, premium, end-to-end solutions in functions such as customer onboarding, KYC, pre-employment screening, access control, border security and immigration.To safeguard the quality and integrity of its data, Keesing works closely with international government agencies.


“With the technology that exists today, it is easy to make a false document. I think more companies in the future will check identities. They will need an authentication system that is easy to use. You can trust AuthentiScan – with all documents.”

Preben Fjeld

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  • Our ID verification experts provide support through regular product trainings, feedback sessions and marketing support. They are easily reachable via the Keesing Helpdesk and our ID Academy. Whatever question you have, we’ll provide the answer.

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