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New Zealand’s polymer NZD 5 and 10 (dollar) notes


New Zealand Polymer 10 FrontNeww Zealand 10 Back




In October 2015, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand issued the new, redesigned polymer NZD 5 and 10 (dollar) notes. These notes feature enhanced security features. Check out  the notes’ specific details and security features:

  • For the first time in history, the notes are printed in English and Maori;
  • Dimensions: 140 x 68mm;
  • Transparent window (right) with a holographic section featuring a map of New Zealand, a duck (Whio) and fern leaves;
  • The Whio (on the face, to the left) was printed using SPARK® technology;
  • The fern leaf on the back is also a SPARK® feature.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand announced that the NZD 20, 50 and 100 (dollar) notes of the new series will be released in April 2016. All notes will have the same themes, colours and dimensions as the existing polymer notes.


Chinese 100 Yuan note


100 Yen banknote front100 Yen banknote brack




The new Chinese banknote of 100 Yuan was issued on 12 November 2015. The note includes the following details and security features:

  • Dimensions: 165 x 77mm;
  • Watermark: a portrait of Mao Zedong and the denomination (‘100’);
  • Security strip (right) featuring repeated microtext, in Chinese, as well as the denomination (‘100’);
  • On the face of the note, the security strip is metallic and windowed. It also changes colour;
  • Circular OMRON security features have been added to the watermark area (face and back);
  • The large denomination on the face (‘100’) was printed using SPARK® technology.

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