Create a reliable and spoofing-free (digital) identifier for your customers, visitors or employees

The use of (digital) identifiers, such as badges, tickets, photo IDs or other identification documents that include a photo of the document holder, is becoming increasingly common worldwide.

Businesses create these (digital) identifiers for their customers, visitors and employees to provide them access to certain (government) services, accounts, events or high-risk locations. However, photos and images on such (digital) documents can be easily tampered with. As a result, identity fraud simply based on the replacement of the ID picture on the document is on the rise and has caused severe damage to both businesses and individuals.

How do you protect yourself and/or your business against this emerging type of identity fraud?
With Photometrix™ you can create a reliable and spoofing-free (digital) identifier for your customers, visitors or employees. When someone uses the identifier to get access to, for example, your services or premises you can easily verify the person in real-time even without any network connection. You instantly determine whether he is who he claims to be and is entitled to the service.

ID Academy Keesing
ID Academy Keesing

Here’s how it works

hotometrix™ uses a specially designed mechanism to convert the photo on a valid ID document into a secure template. Together with someone’s personal data (name, date of birth), this template is then stored into the Photometrix™ 2D barcode.

The data in the barcode is encrypted and secured using an Asymmetric Cryptographic Signature Algorithm. Once encrypted, the 2D-barcode is ready to be issued. You can now opt to issue your customer a physical or digital identifier (or both) including the 2D-barcode and a photo of the person. The 2D-barcode can be used in any personalization process within your business, e.g., badges and ticket issuance.

Biometric verification for higher security

Photometrix gives you the option of an extended verification by adding biometric information of the card holder to the 2D-barcode. This consists of a fingerprint scan and/or facial recognition. The additional option links an authenticated photo to the physical (present) card holder.

The biometric information is taken at the moment of enrolment when the 2D-barcode is being created. An additional step is required, using a fingerprint scanner to add the fingerprint to the 2D-barcode.

ID Academy Keesing

Checking the identifier


With the Photometrix™ app on your smartphone you can scan the Photometrix™ code and then take a picture of the holder/presenter of the identifier. The app automatically performs a crosscheck to compare the photo on the identifier with the photo template encrypted into the surrounding barcode, to determine whether the picture is genuine or has been tampered with.

Biometric verification

If at issuance of the identifier a fingerprint from the document holder has been taken and its template was stored into the 2D-barcode, you can also verify the actual fingerprint of the person in front of you against the fingerprint template stored within the code. Simply connect your smartphone and the Photometrix™ app with an eligible fingerprint scanner. Afterwards you can also perform a facial recognition check. The verified photo is being used to create a biometric template which is then used to perform the facial recognition, linking the verifier to its physical owner.

Facial recognition

For a more secure identification process, you can ask your customer to take a selfie as means of identification. The biometric facial recognition technology in Photometrix™ then creates a facial recognition template, to link the verifier to its physical owner.


In the case where you have issued a digital identifier, your customer can store the digital ID (the picture surrounded by the 2D barcode) on his smartphone. He can use the code as a securd token to prove his identity when, for example, accessing a bank account or placing an order online. The identification process of your website uses the Photometrix™ application to verify the code.

Technical information

The Photometrix™ code can be issued in various formats (PDF / JPEG etc) and can be displayed on both digital devices and printed surfaces. Photometrix is compatible with any enrolment system.

The authentication of the identifier / Photometrix code can be done using a dedicated application on a standard smartphone or pc. Photometrix is available as a stand-alone application or as an SDK module which can be integrated into your existing processes.

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